Take a baby shopping to the mall?

Take a baby shopping to the mall?

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Sometimes, while shopping, I saw young mothers walking around the hypermarket with an infant. I was despised for this behavior. I didn't understand a parent who goes shopping with a baby for several weeks while his place is at home. I happened to think "what a damn mother", holding back not to point her finger. Is she not aware of the existing dangers lurking for the newborn?

With a baby at the market

Viruses, bacteria, threat of infection, full of germs, ubiquitous noise, glaring lights these are just examples that should give my mother the thought that a shopping center is not the right place for a walk with a small child. After all, a child can stay with another parent or grandparents when shopping is needed, so why put your child in danger?

When choosing to shop with your newborn baby, you must be aware of that the child's immune system is not fully developed, it is easy to infect such a baby, e.g. with a runny nose or infectious disease virus from other people, who often look healthy, but sometimes they approach a child, look, touch and unconsciously infect.

An important threat is also changing temperatures and conditions in the store. There is often a hypermarket stuffy and hot (and parents usually forget to undress a baby in the winter and dress in the summer) for that air conditioning and refrigeration refrigerators do not favorably affect a small child. It is easy to overheat in this way, or on the contrary: to cool the young body.

Please add: ubiquitous fuss, customer conversations, the enormity of colors and lights, which can affect your child's nervous system badly. Often, the toddler is shopping anxious, crying and the parent starts to get nervous, that he can't easily buy what he needs. There is no doubt that shopping done by parents themselves they are more comfortable, there is no fear about the baby's malaise, you do not have to worry about crying or boring the baby or his safety.

Shopping without a child?

Just what to do when there really is nobody to leave the child with?

It wasn't until I became a mother that I realized that sometimes shopping with a baby is first and foremost a necessity. Parents do not always have access to shops (for example, they live in the countryside or in small towns where there is no permanent access to fresh products). Shopping is often related with access, the need to cover several dozen kilometers while separation of a mother from a child for a long time is impossible or very difficult (because, for example, she is only breastfeeding). It may also be that dad is not always able to deal with larger purchases. It also happens that a parent is raising a child alone. However, probably most often just parents they have no one to leave the baby with (happy those who have grandparents willing to help).

They exist in many shopping centers amenities in the form of separate rooms for mother and child, where you can peacefully scroll the baby and feed and even play, there are also special cash registers that allow faster service (although these too often are fiction). Under the store are designated special parking spaces for familieslocated near the entrance.

With a younger baby shopping

If there is no other way out and you have to go out shopping with a child of several weeks, it's worth it choose smaller marketswhere there are not too many clusters of people. It is better to go to the store in the morning or plan shopping for early morning hours, when there are not many buyers (for these reasons, it is worth giving up weekend shopping). Avoid weekly great trips to the hypermarket with a small child, let's make larger purchases rather sporadically so as not to expose the toddler to unnecessary contact with viruses and bacteria.

Preferably earlier plan your trip to the store and try to make it last as short as possible, not to stress the child too much. Before entering the shopping center, change your diaper well and feed your baby peacefully in a specially designed room or just in the car. In this way, it is possible that the toddler will fall asleep and sleep through all purchases. Let's take care of appropriate dressing of the child, let's dress a little onionso that when you enter the store, take off your outer clothing so as not to overheat the young body.

It is also worth taking a diaper for change, something to drink and eat (in the case of an older baby), your favorite toy and a thin blanket that you can cover your child for a moment without having to pull the child out of the pram or car seat, e.g. when entering the fridge department .

It is also worth considering where will the child be staying while shopping, the stroller is ideal, however, when there are two parents. Alone, it will be hard to push the cart and shop. Some parents put the baby in a car seat, which can easily be placed in the shopping basket.

If the option of transporting in the shopping basket is inappropriate for a parent, you can use a sling or a sling, the child is safe, close to the parent, separated from the stimulus bearing. The parent is free with both hands, freely shopping and pushing a shopping trolley.