Shopping for children

Shopping for children

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  • Nestle dessert for children 4 × 100 grams in Carrefour for PLN 8.99.
  • Hipp dishes for children in Real at 2.79 zlotys for 125 grams.
  • BoboVita desserts for children in Real for 130 g. For 3.99 zlotys.
  • BoboVita 3 baby porridge for 2 at Carrefour. When you buy three, one for PLN 5.26.
  • Hipp tea for children in Rossmann 17.99 zlotys.

Hygienic accessories

  • Pampers Giant Pack diapers in Carreofur for PLN 54.99.
  • baby diapers Pampers Mega Box (midi 186, maxi 162, etc.) in Real at 99.99 PLN (0.54 groszy per diaper).
  • Johnson Baby wet wipes 4 packs for PLN 18.49
  • Nivea products for children in Carrefour for PLN 13.99.
  • Johnson's Baby shampoo that flushes easily at Rossmann for PLN 9.99 instead of PLN 12.99.
  • Hipp body and hair wash gel at Rossmann for PLN 20.99.
  • Bobini washing liquid in Rossmann for PLN 8.99 instead of PLN 10.99.
  • Dax Perfecta Mama, a preparation for stretch marks in Rossmann at PLN 17.99 instead of PLN 23.99.
  • Bobini baby shampoo in Real for PLN 5.69.

Toys and accessories

  • Carrefour body -50% for PLN 5

Promotion time

Carrefour 2-5.01.2014
Net 02.01-05.01.2014
Rossmann from 01/01/2014
Real 03-08.01.2014
Polo Market 2/07/01/2014