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During the rain the children are bored ...

During the rain the children are bored ...

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In the 60s of the last century, Kabaret Elders Gentlemen presented a song belonging to
to the so-called "Rainy Suite", whose chorus sounded something like this: "In the rain children get bored, it is a generally known thing. Although they do not bother and get less dirty, but they are terribly bored
into the rain! ”Each of us heard the phrase of this song at least once, and worse, each of us had the opportunity to see more than once what it actually means, to be bored in the rain.

The subject for these thoughts gave me life. Outside the window is smelling, it blows and is gray.
At home, me and my five-year-old child, whom I could sit in front of the TV and have peace. Easy, right? And the child will be satisfied too. Seemingly…
Therefore, if I can, I come up with various interesting games, more or less creative, to save the child from the TV time eater and from ubiquitous commercials ...

Dear parents, I hope that you too are actively trying to spend time with your children. Today I would like to suggest some interesting ideas for spending free time with your child at home.

For boredom: Chinese

Each of us has puzzle and numerous board games at home. I will propose to you "Chinese." This is a game that probably everyone knows. I remember playing it with my brother and now we often play it with my husband and our daughter. The rules are clear and the game is not difficult. It is not enough that Maja practices counting - the number of dots on the cube, then the move with a pawn, she also learns honesty. In addition, such a game in a family circle is a time of shared fun.

Card game

As a good way to spend time together, we recently discovered a card game. I remember
as my grandmother taught me to play, for example, "War". This game has a "different" name in every region of Poland, but the rules are simple. And even a five-year-old child has no problems playing it. We need a deck of cards. We give it out to the participants so that nobody can see their cards, which we only discover on the table, i.e. we put one card at a time. We compare them. Card
the higher value wins, and the winner of the war receives all cards "used" in the war. In a word, the stronger card wins and all the cards from the table are collected by the person who won the skirmish. The first to collect all cards is the winner. Simple right? The fact that a child practices counting, learns how to play honestly and has fun, I don't need to add 

Design fashion

And now something very creative! Most of you will think that it's fun for your daughters. Please, do not think that this is a typical woman's job, because the best fashion designers
there are just men. For example, the names Dior, Versace, Gucci are not foreign to you? Playing fashion designers and later dressmakers provides us with many interesting and unforgettable moments. In addition, we have something to dress our dolls with. You will need for this game:

  • models, i.e. dolls, bears, mascots etc.
  • materials, e.g. worn pants, blouses we do not wear, etc.
  • buttons
  • colorful threads
  • needle
  • scissors
  • paper, pencil

This game allows our children and us to be free. We can sew, stitch, cut, dress, change ... At your discretion. Of course, we help children use the needle
and scissors so that they don't hurt themselves. The effects of the fun are not only beautiful doll dresses or new, teddy bear pants, but also that our child exercised precision, patience, developed creativity and, above all, spent time with his parent.

When mom writes ...

You are probably wondering now ... It all sounds very beautiful, but we have so many chores. And our kids are almost everywhere and when we need to do something urgent,
they need our attention the most. You think: "The author writes cool, but it's not so easy to save time for the game or sewing clothes. I wonder what the author's daughter is doing now?

When I write this article, my child is at home with me, not in kindergarten. In addition to rain, the cold grounded us in four walls. And you probably do not expect that when I write this text, Maja at the time: paints my nails! Writing with one hand is not the easiest, but fun beautician? Thanks to this I write, my daughter is having a great time. Otherwise,
don't think fun is just painting. It's the whole "process", which includes not only cosmetic procedures, but also conversations. After all, the daughter is then a real beautician. He tells me different stories, for example, about how other clients cried while "nail" nails.

Faithful assistants

And cooking dinner? We also turn into fun. We prepare a meal together. And when we can eat it together, the child's satisfaction is great. We eat dinner, which it prepared. Your children can also wash vegetables, cut the cucumber into salad, grate the carrot, smash the pork chop, wrap it in egg and batter later, and even form a minced chop ... There are many ideas. I hope that your children will also prove to be good helpers. As Maja says: "You will be the chef, I will be your assistant."

Finally, I suggest that you take advantage of the fact that your children can help you with cleaning. It's only for us adults, cleaning is a laborious job. Children treat it as a challenge. It is unusual to work with a whole bowl of water, a wet and dry cloth, rinse dishes that can later be placed in the dishwasher and even vacuum. In addition, when we properly explain to the kids what a responsible and important role this is, our children feel proud when they can help and see that we, parents, need this help. Of course, we can not forget that we reward our helper, even praise for the work done.

Now you think that nails are not painted for an hour. You are right. Now I'm at the hairdresser and stylist. I have dyed hair, three ponytails on my head, lots of hairpins attached to my hair. The hairdresser did an excellent job. Now the stylist, whose name is Chinese, tells me about her husband, who is so handsome that he does not need to go to the hairdresser. I told you just another fun. Recently, my dad Mai also used the services of our home hairdresser ...

My beauty treatments are coming to an end. I will be very pleased if you also propose fun invented and tried. We are happy to test them.

I, Maja's mother, wrote to you straight from the beauty salon. :)