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Headache in pregnancy - how to cope without pills?

Headache in pregnancy - how to cope without pills?

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Instead of enjoying a different state of mind, making plans, what will it be like when a baby is born, your thoughts are focused on finding a way for a pregnant headache that will be safe for you and the baby?

Unfortunately, this is a kind of irony of fate. Instead of feeling fulfilled, future mothers often have to cope with migraine headaches. And this is when taking many medications is inadvisable.

Why is a headache during pregnancy?

Headache in pregnancy is usually a consequence of hormonal changes that also affect sinus discomfort. Headache can really signal fatigue, physical or emotional stress, tension, and even hunger or thirst.

It is worth reaching the source of the problem and choose instead of magic tablets natural methods of fighting pain.

A way to relieve stress

Pregnancy is a period of great changes. No wonder the expectant mother may feel worried. However, for her and her baby's sake, she should find an effective way to fight stress: it can be walking, yoga, meditation, reading books, long conversations with a partner or friend.

You can also try frequent rest in a shady room with your legs raised to regenerate faster.

Read how to deal with stress during pregnancy.

Regular meals

Headaches can be caused low blood glucose. For this reason, it is not recommended to allow the stomach to be empty. In addition, it is a known rule that pregnant mothers usually need more frequent food during pregnancy.

It's best to always have healthy snacks with you. Muesli bars, dried fruits and vegetables are perfect. Also, to avoid dehydration, drink water in small sips.


In pregnancy, every woman should take care of herself in a special way. She has to reckon with the fact that fatigue will accompany her especially in the first and third trimesters, and if she already has a child, throughout her pregnancy. Lack of regeneration can only aggravate the problem of headaches.


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