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What instead of shared ice cream for Children's Day?

What instead of shared ice cream for Children's Day?

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Children's Day is a holiday with history. It is celebrated from June 1, 1952. Paradoxically, taking into account the regime and system, the earliest established in China and celebrated here since 1926.
Not everywhere Children's Day is celebrated on June 1. For example, at the UN it is celebrated on November 20, in Turkey on April 23, in Hungary on the last Sunday of May, in Argentina on the second Sunday of August, and in Australia on the fourth Wednesday of October.
How to make Children's Day special? Are there any good ways to organize it at the last minute?

Hide gift

The gift does not have to be big. It doesn't have to be particularly expensive either. Let the toddler show cunning and patience before he finds him. Just searching for and discovering small surprises can be a fantastic pleasure.

For a younger child, it is enough to organize "hot-cold" fun, and for an older one to prepare puzzles that are hints that lead to further tips and finally a gift. Discovering every place where information is hidden will allow you to reach the toy we presented to the toddler.

Where can you hide the notes? There are a lot of these places: under face cream in the bathroom, in your favorite book, in the shoe, etc.

You can go even further - on the mirror, on cabinets, etc. stick yellow cards with pointers pointing arrows at the target, additionally numbering them or put in place for the baby hand-written poems, nursery rhymes, which the elder will read aloud, aiming at the desired prize in the form of a gift for Children's Day.

If you don't have a gift ...

No worries. Instead of going out for ice cream, you can take your child to a change in the theater prepared especially for him, to the park, zoo, to a performance for children, to the aquapark or the park's jura.

However, before leaving the house, it is worth calling a given place and finding out if there are free places, so that there is no disappointment just before the cash register.

In large cities, however, there are so many proposals that we will certainly easily find at least one that will satisfy us.

Day - "I do everything myself"

A great surprise for toddlers, who are urged to "rush" every day, living in harmony with the watch, because we have to get somewhere, get somewhere, get out quickly, there is the possibility of slowing down. Let Children's Day be free from the obligation to wear certain pairs of shorts, from eating a particular soup and having fun in a certain way. Let Children's Day be just a toddler's day, a day of independence and as many of your own choices as possible.

And so, from the moment you wake up, let a few-year-old dress at your own pace. Let's not insist on one shirt, let the son or daughter choose herself. Then, instead of suggesting a specific breakfast, let's prepare sliced ​​cheese, ham, vegetables and let the child compose his own sandwich. Let's draw a heart on bread and ketchup and cut out interesting shapes - mouse, car, etc. Let the food be fun, funny, such as it is not always.

Then let's talk to the toddler who he wants to have dinner. We can take a paper plate and cut out various food products from the colorful newspaper. A toddler can also take colored pencils and paint what his favorite dinner might look like. After planning together, it's time to go shopping together, during which you can choose products for a fruit salad for dessert.

Have fun "for free"

There must be no expensive toys on Children's Day. Time spent together is the best for children. There are games that cost nothing or cost the proverbial zloty:

  • playing for the sought - two people are enough. One is hiding, the other is looking. You can have fun outdoors or at home.
  • "warm, cold" game - it is enough to hide the selected object and when the child approaches it, say "warm" when it is very close to "hot", and when it moves away, say "cold". Kids love this fun.
  • soap bubbles - a favorite of many children. A few months old child will look with fascination, and already a year old will try to catch them. For older people, you can organize a competition that will create more bubbles.
  • playing gum - three or two people are enough (when we attach the gum to the leg from the bench, lamp, etc.) Great fun for the whole family. An additional plus in the form of gymnastics motivation. Most of us won't even have to bother for a child to win the game.
  • ballooning - we will buy balloons in various colors and shapes. We can play with them in many ways: roll them on the floor, toss them, bounce, you can paint funny faces, hide in fortune telling and forge, checking who will draw.
  • dressing up - you can have fun, allowing children to change clothes, change their hats, put on hats, dad's and mom's hats, choosing different types of scarves, shoes, etc. Mamina jewelry will be perfect, and even a moment to paint the face. Then only a few minutes for the reporter and souvenir ready!
  • playing on the radio - simply organize the voice recorder or simply use the voice recording function on your mobile phone. Then check how your children's voice will sound during playback. Who knows, maybe this way the kids will have their first live broadcast and gain experience, remembering their professional debut in adult life.

Dear parents, happy birthday to all children! Have fun!