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Mom, dad, stop feeding!

Mom, dad, stop feeding!

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Many mothers cannot accept the fact that children are growing up. They work out, help and feel needed. Even if their action is not deliberate and conscious, they strive to make the child addicted to each other. The question is: who will be healthy? Chest ... nothing to do with it. There won't be another storm in a glass of water. We are not talking about breastfeeding, but about feeding in general. Do you know the five-year-olds my mother runs after with a spoonful of soup? Or maybe you are familiar with the view of preschoolers obediently opening their mouths at the mother's command: aaam! Well, there are teenagers with mothers who take bones out of fish! How come the kids who can put together 120-piece puzzles in 3D can't eat their own meals? Well, it's thanks to the mothers.

Bad start

Although the BLW method is becoming increasingly popular, the vast majority of parents in the first phase of extending their diet give children pulp. There is nothing wrong with this, provided that we start feeding solid food in time. Unfortunately, there are parents who "miss" the right moment, and the further the pulp menu goes on, the harder it is to enter anything else. How about a girl and a half, whose parents ... are blending their dinners with jars? Yes, these things happen. Usually, eats grow up from papas, one and a half years old.

I feed because I eat it

Well, the main reason for the lack of appetite in completely healthy children are ... parents. Do you have a bum at home? Are you fighting for every spoon of soup? Does your child get spasms when they see new food on the menu? It's not from the air. You probably have a few sins on your conscience. In addition to prolonged feeding of paprika, also produces a monotonous menu. Many mothers always give children the same thing, because the little ones "don't like" anything else. Before you reach such a conclusion, know that an infant usually needs a few or even a dozen or so "meetings" with a new taste to get to know, accept and like him. Unfortunately, many mothers give up after the first. You shape your child's eating habits. You decide what they will eat and what they will like in the future, you shape its taste. And you can make food a source of stress for him and an unpleasant duty. How? Even running after him with a spoon and forcing a "bite".

I feed with laziness, but I won't confess

It is easier and faster to feed a child than to teach them to eat alone. There is no problem with washing, which is an inseparable part of a meal a child eats. After that, the baby will eat faster, and hence more. We delay the moment of learning to eat independently, because feeding is more convenient. Unfortunately, the longer it lasts, the more likely it is that the toddler will change into a preschooler thinking thoughtlessly to: aaaam. You want that?

I feed because small

If your child is already sitting alone, he / she is able to learn to eat independently. Of course, it will be fun rather than a meal, but you have to start somewhere. Not convinced by BLW? Do not treat it as the main model of nutrition, but as an additive. Let the child try new flavors, allow independence, even if it requires a bath. And don't wait too long with learning, because your child will get used to the fact that the only activity at a meal is opening the mouth and chewing.

Let yourself be independent!

Food is the first bastion of independence that a child can gain. Before he can get dressed, before he starts talking, before he will consciously use the toilet himself, he is already able to master (maybe imprecise, but always) the art of food. What gives the child independence in this regard? Self-eating: develops the senses, improves motor-visual coordination and, very importantly, reduces the risk of eating disorders in the future. Remember this before you press "the last spoon for mommy" again.