"Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White" by Artur Oppman

"Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White" by Artur Oppman

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We have assumed the patronage of Mr. Ark's Fairytale Audition
- Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, in which the words of Artur Oppman, the master of Polish children's fairy tales, are rediscovered.

Producer of publications The Fairytale Play is Mr. Ark's Academy. Children from the Academy in the roles of small narrators

they read to children. Radio plays are produced in the studio of the Academy. These are one of a kind and unique audiobooks.




Mr. Ark's Academy continues the series of Fairy Tales.

This time in a version with a fairy tale - Śnieżka - in the version of the master of this genre Artur Oppman.

The fairytale radio play is preserved in the form of an audiobook in which children read to children.

The role of the narrator was played by a six-year girl.

Sleeping Beauty - //youtu.be/5duQkRsWBZ4

We're looking for the next installments of the series.


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