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Every time the media reports about the death of a child, we are "exemplary" parents appalled. We follow and comment on accident reports. We are overusing the deadline "neglect". We assess and point out that this does not apply to us. Are you sure? Do we never make mistakes for which we ourselves mercilessly judge and judge? Finally, are we allowed to evaluate and throw a stone based on several reports?

Alcohol = pathology?

Mothers who feed children do not drink alcohol. It is clear. What about the mothers of older infants and preschoolers?

Is drinking a glass of wine for dinner drunk? Is it possible to drink beer when the child sleeps all night, and sleep?

Some parents tremble at the thought of learning to ride a horse, but the dangers are everywhere ...

A few months ago, information appeared in the media about an 11-month-old girl who died of SIDS. Although no charges were brought against the child's parents, Internet users knew their own.

The laconic note presenting the case contained information about a social gathering held the previous evening, where alcohol was drunk. It was not indicated who and how much he drank, there was also no information about what type of alcohol was given, but a cluster of words - child, death, alcohol - it works on the imagination.

Pathology, drunkenness, neglect.

Did you never drink wine when your child went to bed? Have you not spent dinner for friends? If not, you can still make hasty accusations, without fear of hypocrites. However, if such a situation has ever taken place, the only difference between you and the described case is the fact that the tragedy affected them, not you.


Lamps from IKEA are not lethal machines. That's for sure. A child who lost his life as a result of tangling in the cable needed several minutes. It was not left unattended.

Contrary to the opinions appearing under reports of this tragedy, there is no evidence that the child's parents were outstanding fools. We only know that the child pulled the cord into the cot, twisted it and suffocated.

Of course, the lamp could not be mounted correctly because the parents did not treat it as a hazard but it could well be a new purchase. She could lie on the floor and wait for installation. One of the parents could go to the garage to get the tools needed, the other to the kitchen for a bottle of milk. We don't know the details, but they are not "perfect". Only the parents of stupid, asking for tragedy and irresponsible parents die as a result of accidents.


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