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"Polish cuisine without wheat"

"Polish cuisine without wheat"

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This book is a long awaited item. Not only among parents of allergic children, but people who want to eat differently, consciously, with the faith that eliminating certain ingredients from the menu will have a positive effect on their health.

I will not write here about the motivations for excluding gluten from the diet, because these are easy to find even in the search engine, but about the merits. How did two authors - Marta Szloser and Wanda Gąsiorowska create a cookbook for "gluten-free"?

Recipe cookies on page 260

Do the regulations encourage you to try? What do the products they suggest taste like? I could not check it other than in practice - baking.

I focused on baking, although it was not easy, because I do not have a kitchen scale, and this, as it turns out, is crucial (values ​​are given in grams, not calculated as spoons, glasses or packaging).

In the first recipe, which I tried, fortunately it did not prove necessary, because I managed to measure the ingredients more and succeeded - which also says a lot about the recipe itself, which turned out to be quite "flexible" and undemanding.

Cookies through the machine - in fact not through the machine;)

With the second recipe, motivated, I visited a nearby store and acquired a weight that made baking easier. Unfortunately, cookies that were supposed to be suitable for squeezing through the machine ... they did not want to make friends with it. In the end I cut them out by hand and baked them. The effect was satisfactory.

After trying three recipes in the category of capricious pastries - there was no lard, cakes and muffins turned out to be tasty, and it is a success for me.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be fooled that the baked goods are gluten-free. The taste and consistency turned out to be typical for diet products. Therefore, if someone expects that the recipes from "Polish Cuisine without wheat" will be a great substitute for gluten baked goods, then you probably will fail. However, if you expect healthy, simple and well-prepared recipes - then I think it's worth it.

Muffins with fruit, p. 284

Pastries are different, sometimes "quite healthy" in taste, for taste buds spoiled by sugar and excess fat difficult to accept. However, they turned out to be interesting for my family. We will definitely come back to them and we will certainly try other recipes available in the book, including those requiring more advanced purchases - products that we have not yet had the opportunity to use in the kitchen.

I recommend you this position. Worth attention!

Thank you to Bukowy Las Publishing House for providing us with a copy of the review book.


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