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We celebrate the 3rd birthday of sosrodzice.pl!

We celebrate the 3rd birthday of sosrodzice.pl!

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it's time to blow three candles on the cake. We are celebrating another birthday and are entering the kindergarten period :) Like a three-year-old we are honest, sometimes moody, moody, we don't like to hide emotions .... We remain full of energy and naïve to change the world.... for the better.

We publish articles in the parenting kitty section, often fighting windmills, as in the case of entries for quite unnecessary dietary supplements. Products behind huge budgets of well-known pharmaceutical companies.

However, we remain unmoved by threats, signals of dissatisfaction, information with an order to change the content. At the same time, we emphasize that we are waiting for every opinion, as long as it is expressed in a cultural way.

In other departments we rest: we are happy to publish product reviews, we recommend toys that we define as HITS, we write about books that are really worth reading and of course about children and us parents. Yes, not to overlook any very important components of a happy family. We believe in banality that happy parents are happy children. And what, we are allowed ...

Our efforts are also noticed by well-known brands with whom we have had the opportunity to cooperate on various occasions, e.g. Electrolux, Pharmaceris, Multikino, Merlin.pl, MiniMini + and many other less known, but equally important and noteworthy, which we often mentioned and which we strongly support.

Over the three years of the site's operation a lot has happened. With a huge amount of work, and a small financial base, we have created a website that is visited by more and more people every month. And you know what? It is thanks to you that we still have the strength and motivation ... to act on the internet, where there is everything, in which every day the content multiplies and the note chases the note.

Where do we have strength from?

Thanks to you!

Because you comment on entries with great commitment.

We currently have:

  • 2500 articles

This means that each article has on average six comments.

This is a clear signal for us that what we write ... is important, that I want to comment on, discuss and talk to you. Thanks to this site is alive.

However, we would be dishonest if we said that this is enough for us ...

because it's not enough. We would like to listen to you more often and here. Not necessarily on FB or other social networking sites where posts have a short life and comments are quickly lost.

That is why it is our silent wish when we blow three candles next to you :) Thanks! Happy birthday to you and us, of course, too :)