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What steals vitamins for us? Which reduces the absorption of vitamins

What steals vitamins for us? Which reduces the absorption of vitamins

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We often do blood tests and are surprised - how is it possible that such deficiencies exist in our body? Why are there so many shortages? Why do we feel tired, we are not able to really relax?

Meanwhile, the answer lies in our way of life.

Aspirin or an ideal drug

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a drug that has delighted the world because of its wide application possibilities. Today, tablets are used for pain, fever and even weakness caused by a hangover. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal drug. There are no such. Absolutely every drug causes side effects.

Aspirin must not be used in children under 12 years of age for fear of severe Rey syndrome. Its frequent consumption leads to damage to the gastric mucosa, it can also cause aspirin asthma.

However, there is something else - aspirin increases the excretion of vitamin C, folic acid and iron four times. It also deprives us of vitamin B1. Reduces the absorption of glucose, vitamin K, potassium and glucose.

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar has been classified as a "poison" in many environments (eg, William Coda Martin). These are extreme assessments, but not without strong arguments. Everyone agrees that sugar is harmful not only is it deprived of vitamins and valuable substances, it steals them from the person who consumes it.

Sugar destroys biotin, vitamin C and chlorine. In addition, removing refined sugar from the diet reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and obesity.