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How do antibiotics damage our children's immunity?

How do antibiotics damage our children's immunity?

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Antibiotics prescribed without reflection, "just in case", by an inexperienced doctor always bring more harm than good. They lead to real havoc in the body, destroying the natural intestinal microflora, they open gates to other bacteria and viruses, which is why so often after one antibiotic treatment it is necessary to administer antibiotics again. In addition, the administration of antibiotics promotes the growth of parasites.

Mushroom growth

The use of antibiotics affects very much adversely affecting the intestinal condition (and it is from the intestines that our body's immunity comes). As a result of medications, yeast from the genus develops Candida albicans (more).

These mushrooms grow on the walls of the intestines, causing microdamages in them, which makes them become permeable to food particles that should still be digested.

Due to excessive growth Candida good intestinal bacteria become extinct. In addition, the mushroom increases our desire for sweet, which promotes further growth of the mushroom.

Allergies and antibiotics

Antibiotics that adversely affect the intestines, increase their permeability, thus they lead to the bloodstream getting unnaturally large undigested particles, which our immune system perceives as a threat and begins to fight them. As a consequence, they appear food allergy symptoms.

It turns out to be the most risky in this respect consumption of milk and gluten, which often in adverse conditions - sensitize. However, the list is longer - you would also need to include eggs, nuts, some fruits and vegetables.

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