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Earth Friendly Baby - moisturizing body lotion

Earth Friendly Baby - moisturizing body lotion

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We received the Friendly Baby lotion for testing from the manufacturer. And what do we think about him?

I speak after a few days of use.

Particularly noteworthy is the composition that was created with the baby's delicate skin in mind. The formula does not contain parabens (even used in cosmetics for children) and SLS - cheap detergents that are responsible for dryness of the scalp, disorders in sebum production, itching and eczema.

The composition is great. 99% natural, more than 50% percent derived from organic sources, dermatologically tested, very safe for demanding skin of young children. On the skin prone to atopic changes, it worked very well, did not cause any changes, did not dry out and did not irritate the epidermis.

The balm is closed in a comfortable, 250 ml bottle, has a delicate, camomile scent. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft, and the fragrance evaporates fairly quickly. It is efficient (although enclosed in an opaque bottle, so it is difficult to assess how much product is left) and convenient to use.

Earth Friendlu Baby products are available in a full range - shampoos, soaps and even massage oils.

It's really hard to fault anything. Even up to the price, which is often high for eco products and discourages shopping, while the balm can be obtained for about PLN 30.

I would recommend!