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If you were not limited by time and finances ... The results of the competition with

If you were not limited by time and finances ... The results of the competition with

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we were very pleased because for almost two months you could win great prizes funded by on our website - a friend's shop for At that time, we organized for you three competitions that were very popular. We have received hundreds of applications from you.

In the third edition in which we asked you about travel plans, After all, holidays are close, you dreamed of going on closer and further trips with your child. Many of you sent sentimental answers, shared the history of your own family, plans to reach the farthest corners of the world, desires to see the Polish sea and exotic corners where you do not need to do anything - just relax. You also sent a lot of answers in which you shared details about the preparations for the trip, photos, memories ... You referred to how it was once, how it is today and what really is worth showing the child, what to teach through expeditions.

However, the competition rules are inexorable. We can only award authors of two answers, as we do below. Thank you to everyone who took their time to send a competition reply. We invite you to the next competitions!

Car seat gr. Safety 1st Travel Safe, red mania 2/3

"If mother had time and money a lot,
My daughter on a trip to take her to the moon soon,
And the reasons for this trip, mom will mention here,
Because first of all it's far away and the trip is not for lazy,
And secondly, that you can go to the moon with a rocket,
And with the rocket you can still miss the comet in flight,
And thirdly, the gravity is low on the moon,
And that means you can run, jump into a kitty tag,
And fourthly, that from the moon our Earth is so small,
And such a view she didn't see yet,
These reasons are very many, but there are hope shadows,
Somewhere in the future sometime in years, a dream will come true. "
Joanna Mikołajczak

Gray-purple Tuloko car organizer:

If it were not for me time and finances ... I would take my child to the land of Neverland ... To a land where rivers flow with honey and trees bloom with sweets (and you can eat them without consequences!). Where people are good and kind. Where there are no diseases and no worries. Life passes by and everyone can feel like a child. Where's the science? Everyone is born the same wise here!

The problem is that such a land doesn't exist, but doesn't our imagination reach that far? Maybe I organize a trip with my husband to the meadow near the forest, where we can arrange the land for the child? We hang sweets (in the right amount, within reason), we will be good (as always :)), we will forget about all sorrows and we will have fun :) Anna Krafczyk