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Natural childbirth or emperor?

Natural childbirth or emperor?

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there much controversy about childbirth. Both women giving birth and some specialists are not able to determine exactly which delivery is better and easier, emperor or natural delivery?

We live in an era where the emperor on request is no longer surprising, but also more and more often talk about returning to nature. The number of cesarean sections is growing every year, according to the Institute of Mother and Child in 1999 amounted to 18.1%, and in 2013 it was as much as 39.8%. Can this process be stopped? Rather, we have no influence on him.

Before making a decision, it is definitely worth acquiring high-quality knowledge that will allow us to form our own opinion, without excessive fear, prejudice and relying on myths. Caesarean section or natural delivery - what is better for a woman giving birth? What about a child?

Natural childbirth - pros

Natural delivery undoubtedly allows for the presence of a second person (partner), who can participate in the birth of his offspring, building a bond with him from birth. Such a presence affects a woman soothing, analgesic and calming. The ability to hug and attach the baby to the breast causes joy and makes you quickly forget about pain. The birthing child sees the process of birth of the child, the first moments of his birth ...

Many women feel after childbirth mood improvement and pridethat they gave birth to a child alone. Strengthening mother's self-esteem gives you a solid foundation to start motherhood. The absence of anesthesia accompanying the emperor and sores on the abdomen allows a woman to faster getting out of bed and taking care of the child.

As for the child, that's it in natural childbirth it decides when it is born. Squeezing the baby through the mother's birth canal makes it possible normal lung development (when the chest is compressed, residual fetal water comes out of the airways), and prepares the child for life outside the womb. In addition, the baby's intestines are colonized during natural delivery, which has an undoubted effect on his resistance.

After natural delivery, the baby is attached to the breast, which helps to train the toddler's sucking reflex and also allows the woman to produce food.

Natural childbirth - minuses

It is difficult to determine when labor will start and how long it will last, so a woman at the end of pregnancy must be prepared for it. Natural childbirth is a huge effort for the future mother, the baby is born mainly in pain lasting for several hours, which is often associated with a traumatic experience. There is a high risk of occurrence postpartum depression.