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"Beautiful girl, PLN 200, please"

"Beautiful girl, PLN 200, please"

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Limiting public trust in doctors has become a reality. More and more often, louder and with greater determination than ever before errors, shortcomings and controversies related with treatment and prevention practiced in health care.

Young parents, who are patients other than before, because their child's spokespersons are not uncommon concerned and confused. There are situations on the agenda when they get it extreme, mutually exclusive diagnoses, their doubts are ridiculed or better ignored, and as a last resort, left to themselves, they reach for the defamated source - Google Doctor and often get there support, better or worse substantive sources and hope that their situation will improve.

Parent - worst patient?

Comments on the rather specific approach to health care of ungrateful patient parents obviously appear. People talk about who they ate all reason, ignorant and misunderstanding of fundamental rights.

It is indicated that young mothers and daddies want to treat their children themselves, so let them finish difficult, long studies and qualify in the medical profession, and if they did not, let them sit quietly and not harm their children. Doctors complain that parents are claimed on the one hand and unprepared for substantive discussion on the other.

As in any situation - the stick has two ends.

Skeptical attitude to doctors does not come from nowhere. Most often it arises as a result of experiences and unpleasantness that arose when seeking help, at times when it was not obtained and was badly needed.

200 zlotys, please

"My daughter had AD, you know the strange spots that appear and disappear all over her body. In our case the course of the disease was specific because the changes were not in typical places and skin problems appeared almost from birth - says Tomek - of course in the clinic the pediatrician shook her head, wrote out some ointments based on vitamins and gave a referral to a dermatologist with a comment that she can't help us, especially since my wife is breastfeeding and "it means red patches on the skin" can be anything.

She recommended switching to formula milk because it is better to control what the child gets with food. The wife did not want to agree and now I know that she was right, because any new sources that appear in the topic indicate that giving up breastfeeding at AD is the worst choice.

We were told to wait 5 months for a state dermatologist, signed up, and in the meantime went to two specialists privately. The same situation is everywhere - illusory help. The wife was asked what she eats, what powders she uses, whether we have rugs and curtains at home, at the end there was a written steroid, a famous slogan - "beautiful girl" and a bill of PLN 200. Honestly? No dermatologist has helped us, neither privately nor nationally ... He was not able to offer much to an allergist, "recalls Adam, the father of a two-year-old who happily has the biggest problems with AD at all.

Contradictory diagnoses

Equally often, contradictory diagnoses received by various doctors appear, appearing regardless of the type of illness or age of the child. You don't have to look for long, because we had cases of this type in the editorial office:

  • diagnosed pneumonia - entered on the basis of auscultation tests in a booklet and after two hours "only" upper respiratory infection - by another doctor. Both physicians recommended an antibiotic, which turned out to be unnecessary, because the child treated symptomatically after 4 days was healthy,
  • sending a three-month-old baby "prophylactically" to a hospital with a runny nose, administration of the antibiotic also "just in case", because pneumonia develops very quickly, so it's better to give the drug to prevent it ...
  • finding sepsis and ruling out by a second doctor
  • "throat clean" and after several dozen minutes diagnosis - scarlet fever issued by a second pediatrician.

The above conflicting diagnoses may arouse astonishment and even denial as possible, but they are unfortunately a fact. This does not mean, of course, that all doctors are wrong, but only that incorrect diagnoses simply happen. That is why it is natural that parents who remember wrong diagnoses and not the best therapies will be distant in what they are told.

Is it any wonder that parents with their insightful questions will want to check the doctor's competence? That they are trying to look at their hands?

No dialogue

In the clinics and attitude of some doctors, parents are the most struck lack of readiness for dialogue, inability to start a conversation at the appropriate level. Too often, parents complain that their fears are being ridiculed and they are taken seriously.

Too often, doctors do not want to discuss, they do not have the time, willingness, strength to dispel all doubts, unfortunately it happens that they also lack arguments. They rarely talk about prevention, they focus on symptomatic treatment, which in the parents' opinion is insufficient.

The reluctance and disappointment to traditional medicine, the mainstream, means that parents will look for another way to strengthen immunity, unfortunately it happens that they completely turn away from the help of doctors. This process is very worrying and seems to deepen year by year ... Worst of all, there is no simple prescription for it.