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Kaz Cooke's "Truck for 9 months" review

Kaz Cooke's "Truck for 9 months" review

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There is something in these "World bestsellers"that at the outset they discourage me ... I don't know why I can't trust the "common, unspecified" taste, which brings some books on the podium, and punishes others to bury, give away or throw away so as not to write "burn". Maybe because I have convinced myself many times that what everyone loves is closer to trash than to high taste.

The truck for 9 months Kaz Cooke is fortunately out of standards. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read the 500 page, stating that there are exceptions to this sad rule. Today, I know that most sometimes can appreciate something that deserves applause ... But, not to stay too pathetic for too long, from the beginning.
The publisher promotes the book with four hits on the slogan "Humor. Life tips. Common sense. Without being beaten. Just below it is the inscription: "World bestseller".

The book I got for my birthday, after which I was to get pregnant quite quickly, turned out to be a bull's-eye. Not because she motivated me and my husband to fulfill their "life duty" and pass their genes on, but rather because it had something humorous in itself. The person who gave me this book wanted to make me smile and make me laugh a little. She succeeded, but as if in the style of Kaz Cooke in a slightly different sense than most likely she had planned ... Because, when I unpacked the gift, I knew that it had a double bottom and that it means a little bit that I will be doing a real pregnancy test soon ...

Okay, but not about me, but about the book. Kaz Cooke creates a "guide to pregnancy and the surrounding area. It starts with a funny quiz in the form of a pregnancy test (and not at all with forcing laughter like a drama series with croaking).

The book is divided for chapterseach of which refers to week of pregnancy. There is a useful index at the end. This specific textbook can be "consumed piece by piece" by reading about each week of pregnancy. My husband and I had such a small tradition that when we entered the following Friday, because from that day we were counting the next week, I read aloud what Kaz has to say. Of course, I never waited until the next week - because I read aloud and the other quietly, anticipating what awaits me later and although statistically I read every chapter at least twice, everyone enjoyed me as much ...

The textbook can also be read like a classic book without news and it is difficult to decide which solution is better.

In general, a plus is a must interesting drawings, which greet the reader reaching the next month and the record, with the "length" of the growing new life marked. At the end of each week there is a place for notes, thanks to which the person reading the guide becomes a bit of its creator. Due to the fact that since childhood I have a stupid respect for books, I decided not to "destroy it" by writing after it even with a pencil. Now I regret it a little. I would love, for example, to confront what I thought about raising a child in the 26th week, and what now when we have a daughter's year behind us.

I wouldn't be myself if I didn't have something in this issue about pregnancy and the surrounding area ... Kaz Cooke writes about pregnancy from Australian author's perspectives on experiences that are sometimes far from what happens to Polish mothers. Although the translator, Beata Gontarczyk-Krampe, does everything in her power, unfortunately sometimes this difference of cultures and realities grinds.

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