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"You, me and Facebook"

"You, me and Facebook"

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Remember yourself several dozen years ago, in childhood. There were no cells, no internet, and what has been noisy called a computer here and there is today considered an exhibit. When you wanted to talk to a friend, you just walked to him or went outside to the yard or playground, because everyone was there. You wrote notes with friends instead of sending sms, you were not afraid that someone would snatch your phone because you had several dozen groszy for a lollipop. The reality for today's young people is virtually unimaginable. And it is in such a world that the action of this novel for young people takes place. One of the best books of 2011, according to "Publishers Weekly".

Facebook does not exist

It is 1996. Emma, ​​a teenager, gets a device from her would-be boyfriend, and Josh's longtime friend, which allows her to log into the Internet. When he tries to open his e-mail by entering a well-known password, he sees "" in the favorites tab, thinks a little, opens the page and slowly discovers what he can find on it ...

He sees himself in 15 years. There are photos. Friends list. There are also her statements. It is the latter that shock her the most and wonder Josh, to whom he confides with his discovery. He can't believe that he informs everyone about such important and sometimes intimate moments in his life, writing on the "wall". He shares his marriage problems, information about her husband's alleged betrayal, that she has no job, what to eat for dinner, how to dress ... Teenagers ask, "But why?".

We are changing the future

Soon, when Josh discovers that his future is perfect, one that he would not have expected at all, Emma notices that what she did not do, marries the wrong men, does not work or works in a place where she is unhappy.

By deciding on different steps, he slowly changes the future. Unfortunately, she doesn't get much out of it. The mission begins to get complicated when it discovers what will happen to its loved ones. Going to their profile, he reads a lot of interesting information.

Facebook fun

This is the second Facebook novel in the background that I had the opportunity to read in recent weeks. I reviewed 'Wife_22' for you on the site. Definitely different, because directed to a different group of recipients. This book is light and pleasant reading for young people. Although it is easy to predict the ending, I can objectively say that it reads well. Unfortunately, there are minor editorial errors, mistakes in the text, but fortunately there are not many. "You, me and Facebook" also sometimes give reason to reflect. It asks: What place does Facebook play in our lives? The ending is also meaningful: Emma from the future, a Facebook lover, as a consequence, decides to "really live" and deletes her account ...

I recommend the book as a gift for a rebellious teenager or a young boy who doesn't like reading. It has a chance to be liked ... It is worth giving it to us before we see the screening :)

Thank you, Rebis Publishing House, for sharing the book for review.