First walk with a newborn baby

First walk with a newborn baby

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The first walk with a newborn baby is big event. Reason to be proud, sometimes a moment emotions and stress at the same time.

Before you leave your home with your child, you may have a lot of doubts and questions - when is the best time to plan a walk, how to prepare for it, do you need to veranda earlier? How long to walk and what to look for?

Here is a guide that is worth reading so that this important event is possible pleasant and without any mishaps.

First walk with a newborn baby - when do you need a veranda?

When making decisions about your first walk, listen to your intuition and use common sense.

In warm months, in late spring, summer and early autumn, when it's nice outside, you can go for a walk in first week after delivery. No veranda is needed. However, when the weather is less favorable, it is cold, rainy and windy outside, before verifying the first time with a newborn it is worth deciding to veranda. It is true that a newborn baby born in winter has the first walk during his return from the hospital, but it is recommended to wait with the veranda two weeks after delivery and start it in the third week of life.

What does veranda mean? It's about by dress the child as if they were going for a walk, put them in a pram and put them by the open window. After about three days, you can put the pram on the balcony. It is worth starting with short veranda periods of 5 minutes and slowly extending the time to 20 minutes. The next step after veranda is going outside with the child.

How long should the veranda take? If the weather is favorable, you can go out after 4 days. If the weather does not encourage you to leave, it is better to wait with the traditional walk, continuing the veranda for the next days.

It is worth waiting for the first walk, especially if the child is premature. Any doubts should be consulted with a doctor.

First walk with a newborn baby - one more layer

A decision must be made before we can leave the house with the child regarding clothes. It's easiest to be early in autumn or summerwhen you only need to put on a body, shorts, possibly socks and a hat. If necessary, you can cover the child with a thin blanket or in a hot weather with a diaper. On a sunny day, it's good to have with you sunshade attached to the trolley and mosquito net if you are going to walk in the park or near the forest.

The situation gets a little more complicated when the weather is not kind. Then you need to carefully consider the way of clothing, so as not to overheat the newborn, but at the same time that the baby does not freeze. Usually works double layer - trousers, bodysuits, warm socks and a hat, and a comfortable suit. In addition, it is worth having a blanket with you. A baby in a stroller does not move, it is not able to regulate body temperature independently and efficiently, so it is worth ensuring that the newborn is not cool.

The general rule that applies when dressing a small child, especially a newborn, is one layer more. However, you must remember that this layer is a blanket or a diaper cover, which we cover the baby.

First walk with a newborn baby - what time?

When outside temperatures do not pamper you, it's worth choosing for the first walk around noon hours, when we have the best chance that the sun will shine and the temperature will be most favorable for a walk.

Whereas in summer or late spring, it is worth planning the first walk in the afternoon and even evening, when the sun is not so strong and the temperature is not very high. You can also plan to go out in the morning, around 8-9, when the heat is not large yet.

For sure, for a walk to be a pleasure, it is worth considering baby rhythm. The baby should be fed, after a nap, in the best possible mood.

First walk with a newborn baby - how long?

The first walk with a newborn baby should be short and last about 30 minutes. The body of a small child perceives stimuli differently, is more susceptible to contact with all microorganisms, pollen, allergens circulating in the air. Therefore, something that may seem to us "just" a walk, for a child just born will be a "big event".

Suddenly, after all, the toddler changes his position, he perceives the environment differently, the temperature, the smells are rising, in addition, the pram is still different than in the crib, it shakes a bit, the swing. All this is a great challenge for the newborn's nervous system and senses. Therefore, it is worth looking at a walk with a newborn baby as a big event, not only for a proud parent, but above all a baby.

As a side note, it is worth adding that a walk with a newborn baby does not mean a walk with a pram. You can also choose another option - reach for a headscarf, which allows many parents greater freedom, and calms down the little ones.

After the first walk, the time will come for the next. It is important to find time every day to be outside. Read what gives the child a walk.

Good luck!