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Fountain with balls Playskool for baby

Fountain with balls Playskool for baby

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The Playskool ball fountain is a classic proposition for baby parents. Theoretically, everything seems fine. The product is colorful, has an interesting shape and contains in the set interesting balls for every toddler, which when turned on the device pop up cheerfully to the rhythm of the music ... Unfortunately, this is not enough to delight the undemanding baby ...

The Playskool fountain is an interesting toy, but not for children who are several months old, but for those who have already blown out at least two candles from the cake. Why such a statement? It was supported by several years of experience. :) Listen ...

Playskool fountain, unaware of the lurking traps, we bought godson for a year. The toy is recommended for children from the age of nine months, hence everything seemed fine. It is true that the manufacturer does not warn on the packaging that it is best to buy a fountain for an already walking toddler, but we figured it out and wrapped a gift, we were convinced that the boy we were going to for the birthday would meet the requirements of fun. We were sure that the balls that pop up happily to the rhythm of the eight melodies would happily catch and throw into the mechanism so that they could be thrown again. We hoped that the fun with pop-up balls would be lasting and lasting .... at the delight of the toddler's parents, who would gain some moments to themselves in this way ... Unfortunately, our hopes were in vain.

As it turned out? After starting the mechanism, the jubilee ... cried mournfully. Mum's support, our encouraging faces and enthusiastic gestures were not enough. The boy did not want to get close to the running toy. You couldn't tame the fountain, let alone make friends. The only thing you could do was take her from the toddler's eyes and hide her in the darkest corner of the wardrobe. Luckily, the child quickly forgot this unpleasant mistake and played with us with other toys bought that day.

This is not the end of the history of the ball fountain. The Playskool toy was vacuumed only recently, after three years, when the boy turned four years old. And you know what? It is fun today! Unfortunately only for him. He can play with it for now ... alone. Why? Because when his only cousin is with him (our almost one-year-old daughter, who, by the way, is almost afraid of almost nothing), after running a cheerful, but by the way - a very loud melody and during the balls jumping, she runs away, hiding behind her parents.

You will say - two examples, it happens ... It doesn't have to mean that every toddler will not like a toy. That's right, you're right. There is no certainty. However, the risk exists and, worse still, it is large. Why? Read reviews for this toy here. You will find several votes confirming the above observations.

Additional cons:

  • the toy works with up to four batteries, which unfortunately run out quite quickly,
  • the fountain works fully correctly only with a set of balls, with a few balls, the others do not want to jump,
  • the fan is not quiet,
  • it happens that during the game the toy jams.

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