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Clever mother. With a calculator in hand

Clever mother. With a calculator in hand

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When extravagance ceased to be fashionable, the ingenuity of resourceful parents was finally appreciated. We lived in a time when the amount of VAT on children's clothes has long exceeded the limits of decency. How can you make shopping for items necessary for our little ones a chore and how to spend our money in a favorable way, so that we don't have a torment of conscience? I will answer briefly - let's be clever, calculate, browse and compare commercial offers. The real trick is not to slim down your bank account with a light hand. So where do you look for opportunities to spend your pay wisely? Here are some proven suggestions.

Loyalty programs

Stores tempt us with discounts, giveaways, friendly and competent service, and then try to stop those who often travel the entire city, to fund the cash register in which they shop with pleasure. All loyalty programs have proven to be a great way to extend this sales friendship. The basic tool of such an undertaking is a card, which the seller hands to the customer. Its possession is to give the buyer the impression of belonging to an elite community, to the elect, who can enjoy attractive privileges. The card is a carrier of information about points collected during shopping, it may authorize you to collect the prize or to buy items at lower prices. It all depends on the recording of the regulations of the action.

Here are some cards that are very useful especially for parents.

SMYKOLAND- If you think that it is a cheaper equivalent of the popular Smyk then you are not wrong. A wide range that includes food, clothing, accessories, toys, prams, car seats, bicycles, nappies and cosmetics tempts with favorable prices much lower than the competition, and in addition during the first purchase you will receive a Loyal Customer Card, which entitles you to a discount in 5%. The only drawback to these stores is that they are located only in a few larger cities in Poland.

LifeStyle - a drugstore offered by Super-Pharm, which also has medicines in its offer. The participants of the loyalty program, apart from the card, which entitles them to cheaper purchases and the possibility of collecting points exchanged for prizes, receive by e-mail every month a specially prepared offer, thanks to which selected cosmetics can be purchased at very attractive prices. The benefits of having this card are for both mother and child, because thanks to a plastic box we can buy much cheaper children's cosmetics, accessories or food, as well as something that is necessary for every woman.

PAYBACK- a very extensive program that includes many stores, including online ones. Points collected during shopping can be exchanged for prizes from various categories. Our kid will definitely enjoy the set of pink bedding, Tefal children's kitchen, well-known blocks. For just under 10,000 points, a young mother can get a set of Avent bottles. Points are collected really quickly because many well-known partners with whom we deal every day participate in the program. Points collected during daily purchases can also be exchanged for discount coupons for Smyk, Real, Empik. We can also give them in the form of a donation to support children at school, supporting the Pajacyk charity organization.

World Health Club- formerly Apteka Świat Zdrowia proposed the Loyal Customer Club Card, thanks to which points collected for prizes were collected. Since this year, the nature of this loyalty program has changed due to a change in the regulations. You can find out about the benefits of having a card for new club members by registering at: In addition to specially prepared offers, the opportunity to participate in competitions and games, card holders will have access to health advice. As a parent, we will often cross the pharmacy threshold, buying even milk for a small allergy sufferer or vitamin. The opportunity to take advantage of the privileges of members of this club can be a convincing argument to spend your money here.


It's hard to find a person who wouldn't be happy with a free, full-fledged product. Being able to try out an item before buying it is a great way to get an opinion on the brand and decide if it is worth investing in its products.

In the article on free samples and gadgets, I recommended several companies that provide products to testers in exchange for their opinions. I would like to introduce to you further institutions that deal with acquiring people to try different things.

Crayola - the history of this company, which is based on the creativity of our branches, dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It all began with exceptional crayons and white dust-free chalk. This environmentally friendly brand on its website provides children with free coloring, interesting games and plays, and also gives the opportunity to test its amazing products. If you would like your child to try these inspiring articles, look here.

Trend Embassy- a completely new initiative based on acquiring testers who receive free products and then share their opinion on them. It resembles the increasingly popular Streetcom. Currently, employees of this company are verifying ambassadors for the first campaign. Certainly over time, if the project will attract interest among customers, the offer of free products will be expanded not only for adult products, but probably for children. More details can be found on the website.

predecessors- a portal addressed to women who like to express their opinion about articles from various categories from household appliances to clothes. We will not receive typical children's products, but many other interesting things. Personally, I tested the pressure cooker, which made cooking my daughter's meals easier and helped me develop good eating habits. If you are interested in trying new things for free, please refer here.

On the web or in real life?

Comparing the prices of children's items, I increasingly notice that they are available at lower prices in online stores or auctions. Although I prefer to buy food in proven supermarkets, I often buy toys and clothes online.

The stroller purchased directly from the manufacturer via his website is much cheaper, and in addition we can usually count on interesting freebies in the form of accessories. Spotted in a local toy store. A pot for a block of a well-known company on the Allegro auction portal, even after adding shipping costs will cost us cheaper. People who are afraid of shopping in the dark and instead of the proverbial cat in the sack prefer a certainty, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the product beforehand, see for yourself whether it meets our parental criteria. Although we have the right to withdraw from the transaction on the Internet and return the product intact within a specified period and receive a refund of its cost, it is worth saving yourself the situation and buying only what we will be satisfied with.

From a pot or a jar?

Proponents of home dinners argue their decision with a unique taste and know what the dish contains, because it is a product of their own hands. Amateurs of ready meals and desserts explain their choice with a necessity resulting from the lack of time to stand over the pots, conviction to selected and healthy ingredients used in cooking dishes and trust in a given company. Both are right, which I do not intend to dispute. Instead, I would like to focus on the economic issue of this issue.

Excluding all dairy products on which the baby's diet should be based, the price of dishes that include vegetables, meat, fish and fruit depends not only on the size of the packaging, but also on the brand's prestige. For 250g dinners / dishes available in Tesco supermarkets, we will pay: 5.19 PLN (DoReMi Gerber), 6.19 PLN (BoboVita) and as much as 7.59 PLN (Junior dinner, Hipp). What if we decided to prepare a filling, homemade soup with a little chicken? The basis of such a dish can be frozen vegetables. We'll get the ready mix at the market. We will pay PLN 3.45 for cauliflower soup. One package is enough to prepare 3-4 pots, from which we will receive 3 solid portions. Add a little butter or olive oil to enrich the composition and the amount of poultry properly selected for our child's age, and we have a delicious dinner that will not take us much time to cook. If we have a pressure cooker, which not only shortens the preparation time, but also ensures that all taste values ​​are attractive to our palate, cooking in your own kitchen becomes a real pleasure.

The matter of desserts looks similar. For 125g a jar of Bobovita apple mousse in Biedronka we will pay PLN 2.79. Meanwhile, a kilo of your favorite apples costs from 2 to 3 PLN, and it will last for several portions.

Hand-made dishes give great satisfaction, especially when we see our child eating them with taste. This is not only a cheaper alternative, but also a way to put a little bit of involvement in our parenthood in times when we are usually chasing something, we are still in a hurry.

You can count? Count on yourself

Many of us feel disgust and even anger that results from a poorly organized family policy in our country. Currently, almost 50% of working-age women remain unemployed, which results not only from the inability to find a job, but also from the fact of staying at home to fulfill the role of wife and mother. Money shuffling is not treated as a trend. Saving is not only a fashion, it is usually a necessity, which does not have to be an unpleasant need, but a way to live a dignified life.