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What shouldn't a young mother wear?

What shouldn't a young mother wear?

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There is nothing to be outraged and to convince the whole world that giving birth to a child does not change anything. It is known that it introduces a kind of revolution. Also in our wardrobe. Therefore, for predetermined reasons, certain outfits in the sandbox or when playing in the park will not fit. Just like gestures and habits that should also go down after pregnancy.

High heels

Maybe I'm unfair, spoiled and bad, but unfortunately I smile under my breath when I see a beautifully dressed young mother who is trying to keep up with her child on high heels, is afraid to stoop so as not to lose her balance, buries herself in the sand, dusts off expensive pants , looks around desperately to look for a clean resting place.

Of course, there are situations when a child drags us to the sand, when we return with a toddler from a family meeting, which was worth dressing up, but how many are there that change clothes several times and dress up for playgrounds and the park? Completely forgetting about the practical aspect?

Of course, everyone does as they like ... However, somehow I feel sorry for these aching legs and desperate attempts to find myself in the sandbox in a great creation. That's why I say no to heels in the sand. Inconvenient and sometimes funny ... And you, what do you think?

Extremely cut hipsters

Extremely cut hipsters in combination with a longer blouse are unlikely to cause sensation. However, very low pants with a classic length blouse already by all means. Mainly because they show underwear, and often a place where the back ends, most often unexpectedly and without the knowledge of their owner.

It is hard to imagine a walk with a child without the need to bend down and into the basket under the stroller, and to pick up a beautiful stone or simply pull the child out of the sandbox. Being a mother, we go down to the ground floor and whether we like it or not, we spend a lot of time in this position. Therefore, if we have sexy hipsters, it is better to keep them for special exits or choose longer blouses for them, just in case that children playing with us in the sandbox do not have to ask grandma if we have why this lady is naked or in extreme situations, so that our underwear would not make a slingshot.

You can also do it differently. Two women from California, who overzealized the view of exposed kidneys and pups, designed a special My Hip-T, i.e. a kind of band, available in different colors and with different ways of ending, which is to cover what you need.

Long earrings

When a baby becomes interested in everything around, wearing earrings often becomes risky. Mainly due to the fact that glowing jewelry is very interesting for small hands. Of course, you can repeat, admonish, but usually the toddler will catch in the least expected moment and will not want to let go.

How was your stay for some time hanging longer earrings? I have been wearing them again since my child is one and a half years old, but for a good year I gave them up completely, switching to small decorations right next to my ear. And it was easier for me, without fear of losing my ear.


Of course, you can wear chains and do not complain about too interesting baby hands, but usually, as with earrings, it is quite risky. We will not even look back when our decoration arouses interest, and the child will not need additional incentives to hold it in her hands.

How was my place? My reflexes didn't work. Before the child was one year old, I lost one chain. Why only one? Because after breaking the first one, I stopped wearing any neck decorations. Today, of course, the problem is gone, but again: a few months "I had to sacrifice my appearance for the sake of the matter" whether I liked it or not.

Long tips

Although the fashion for so-called acrylic or gel nails is not as popular as a few years ago, you can still easily find followers of this method of nail extension. Also on delivery rooms. Of course, short and well-groomed nails are not a problem. Worse, when they are long and sharp ...
You can convince yourself that we will be able to cherish a newborn accustomed to tips. Unfortunately, this may not be possible in practice. Bathing and breastfeeding, not to mention changing, can be difficult. Long nails can be not only uncomfortable, but also unhygienic. Therefore, the appeal for short and well-groomed nails should not come as a surprise here.


Cigarettes create the image. I have often seen a young mother smoking on a walk. In some ways I could understand her if she smoked sitting on a bench a few meters away from the sandpit. Unfortunately, you can often see young women blowing a speech bubble over the stroller, forcing newborns and babies of several months to passively smoke.

If it was possible during pregnancy, why can not you after having a baby? You can easily write to those who have no problem with this addiction ...

Footwear for a change

I often visit the capital's parks and their playgrounds. Already in two I came across an interesting board suggesting in at least one element the costume of Mum visiting this playground. It may seem that the board is discriminatory to elegant mothers who are eager to put on high heels. In fact, however, this ban is intended to protect the surface of the playground. This surface is made of rubber tiles, which in turn are made of granulated rubber bonded with polyurethane adhesive. They are used in modern playgrounds or revitalizing existing ones. Walking on it in heels can cause rapid destruction (the surface has high impact absorption properties, thanks to which it is safe for the health of children playing on playgrounds, absorbing falls), which will result in the destruction of the entire playground. Fortunately, Mothers, Grandmothers and other babysitters understand this and appear either in appropriate footwear or by purchasing so-called "Footwear for a change". After all, you can be elegant and practical at the same time, as evidenced by each of us sees every day walking around the park or going to the playground ...

Julia My name is Julia. I am the mother of two exuberant princesses - Lucia and Barbara. Given the latest trends, I'm a mother from another planet. I love my daughters and that's why I use discipline, show love but also dissatisfaction. I go crazy when it's time, and when I have to, put them aside to make dinner or drink coffee. I do not use so-called stress-free upbringing, because I saw (and see) its "effects" at work (for almost a decade I have been teaching children of all ages - from kindergarten to high school and adults from all walks of life). I assume that a person must know life in order to know what he will face in the next few decades.


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