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Kitten rattle ankle - perfect from the first weeks of life

Kitten rattle ankle - perfect from the first weeks of life

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They exist universal toys, and at the same time extremely simple, which is worth having. The ones that may not look complicated and seem more modest than loud, playing and glowing gadgets, which grandparents or aunts often use in good faith when looking for toys for a small child ... Simplicity and universality in the world of toys is their advantage, but no fault. And it's worth remembering.

Baby does not need a loud bothersome rattle. It gladly accepts a sensory object that develops a warm feel, which in contrasting colors stimulates the sense of sight, and with an interesting texture makes playing it very pleasant. This is the sensory Kitten cube, which I found in the white & black offer.

The ankle has been designed to facilitate its handling and manipulation - it has distinctive ears and a tail, as well as a tag, which is an interesting addition for many kids.

The toy is maintained in good colors, which perfectly corresponds to the baby's undeveloped eyesight - the combination of white, black and red makes the cube interesting for the baby.

The ankle's advantage is also that it was sewn by hand from Polish materials. Dyes used in production do not cause allergies. The product has a CE declaration of the manufacturer. It can be seen at first glance that this is not a mass product ...

The biggest plus, however, is that children like to play with it ... See how enthusiastically our little reviewer - Asia, took the cube.

And this is what it is about - that children like, enjoy and teach toys. This is our undoubted parent HIT! We recommend - it's worth having.


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