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How to support small motor skills in a child? EASY Creative plastic mass

How to support small motor skills in a child? EASY Creative plastic mass

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The proper development of small motor skills is very important, it is directly related to the child's subsequent school successes. How school start looks like influences self-esteem and approach to learning in the future. That is why it is so important to do everything to facilitate the child's proper development. Toddlers, especially in the third, fourth and fifth years of age, should have as many opportunities as possible to mold, press, cut and create. And EASY Creative plastic mass is helpful here.

EASY Creative plastic mass is an extremely soft, flexible and fragrant mass for sticking, squeezing and creative fun.

Extremely flexible and soft

  • easily put under pressure
  • consistency ideally suited to small hands
  • it is easy to clean from molds and accessories
  • does not crumble and does not spill

It smells beautiful - its smell is compared by users to the aroma of cakes and sweets
The mass colors are vivid, saturated and intense, they also appear in a unique edition:

  • with the addition of glitter
  • in pastel colors with pearly sheen

Occurs in the form of:

  • basic sets containing 5 cups with a mass (4+ 1 Free)
  • large cups of 141 g - 4 color / small versions - 56 g each
  • themed sets: Ice cream, Pizza, Bar, Hairdresser,, City, Pastry, Farm, Zoo
  • universal sets such as: Juicer, Juicer Plus
  • extended sets in capacious buckets with accessories (Max Bucket, Big Bucket)
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Easy Creative plastic mass has excellent opinions among users!

100% of testers assess EASY Creative's plastic mass very good (96%) or good (4%)!

"Playing with EASY Creative is a lot of fun!"

"The whole family plays with it."

"Fun, learning and developing creativity - 3 in 1!"

"Teaches concentration and develops manual skills."

96% of testers consider the EASY Creative plastic scent to be very pleasant

"It smells like real homemade cake - so tasty that you would like to try it"

"Smells of candy!"

"The smell is associated with sweets ..."

All testers rated the consistency of the plastic mass as very well suited to the possibilities of children's hands, with 80% describing it as very soft and 20% - soft.

"It's easy to give in to children's little hands, it doesn't flake off, doesn't harden too quickly - it's exactly what it should be."

"Perfect consistency. Adapted to the strength of a small child. "

"It doesn't stick to toys, the table and it's easy to collect."

"Very quickly it is removed from the molds and other elements of the set."

All testers were satisfied or very satisfied with the accessories included in the sets!

"Accessories stimulate creativity and give you the opportunity to play in many ways"

"Easy to use, even for the smallest hands"

"A very large selection of accessories - every child will find something for themselves"

Almost 100% of testers rated the plastic mass colors as vivid, saturated and intense!

"Colors are beautiful and saturated"

"Great colors. Rare white and black, a plus for me. Great idea with the addition of glitter "

"Pearl colors are impressive, simply wonderful - they shimmer beautifully in the light."

All testers found that EASY Creative plastic works at least as well as competing products, and more than 75% of tests rated EASY Creative plastic better than competing products - in most cases the reference product was the most popular dough brand on the market.

"Easy Creative mass is one of the best we have used so far"

"It is nicer to the touch and has a prettier smell than the product we have used so far"

"We're switching to EASY Creative!"

* Data and opinions in this list come from users of EASY Creative plastic mass as part of the We Test EASY Creative plastic mass campaign implemented in July 2017 on the website