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Rash on the child's face - causes, treatment

Rash on the child's face - causes, treatment

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A rash on a child's face can appear at different times in life and have many causes. Identification is rarely easy, because the changes can be very similar to each other, besides, the youngest children may have a problem with the description of the symptoms accompanying the rash, so parents who go to the doctor may be very confused. What are the most common causes of rashes on a child's face?

Neonatal erythema

A rash on the child's face may indicate neonatal erythema. Characteristic changes appear especially on the face or torso - they appear as spots, less often in combination with pustules. It most often occurs 48 hours after delivery, in most children from 2 to 5 days after delivery. It disappears without additional effort from the child's parents within two weeks of the onset of symptoms. Some midwives recommend buying emollient and bathing in gentian violet solution.

The cause of neonatal erythema is unknown.

Infectious erythema

Infectious erythema, or the fifth disease, is an infectious viral disease caused by the parvovirus B19 virus, which is severe. Infants and young children usually suffer from it. The incubation period lasts two weeks.

The rash on the face in the course of infectious erythema often has the form of a butterfly, skin lesions within the cheeks. After 1-4 days, the rash from the face moves to the body. The rash disappears after about 3 weeks, without leaving scars and without peeling the epidermis.

Baby acne

A rash on a child's face can simply be acne. It is indicated by small, white pimples, sometimes on red erythema, usually on the cheeks, forehead, chin. It usually appears just after birth, sometimes develops in 2-4 weeks of pregnancy, the cause is not entirely known, it may be a reaction to mom's hormones.

Baby acne usually does not require treatment. It disappears on its own after a few weeks. If the condition of the skin worsens or the changes do not go away after a few weeks, a visit to the doctor is indicated.

Rash on the child's face - eczema

The cause of the rash on the child's face may be eczema. It is an itchy change that accompanies dry, irritated skin - often the first symptoms are visible on the cheeks and then in the bends - under the knees, under the shoulder, in the bends of the elbows.

The first symptoms are usually dry, flaky red skin or small red bumps, sometimes glowing and giving the appearance of a mirror surface. Eczema most often occurs in children from a family with allergies or asthma. Often, the symptoms occur only in early childhood, but unfortunately it is not uncommon for eczema to continue throughout adulthood, and skin problems do not end, but take a slightly different form.

Read more about eczema in children - how to treat and prevent.

Urticaria - rash on the face of a child

Urticaria may also appear on the child's face. It takes the form of convex, red and itchy lesions in the form of spots. It can be chronic, recurrent, it can come and go, often the occurrence of urticaria is associated with an allergic reaction to external factors (mites, detergents, cosmetics), as well as food intolerances (allergic reactions after eating a specific food product).