"Nobody deserves this treatment. Especially young parents. Time to wake up "LIST

"Nobody deserves this treatment. Especially young parents. Time to wake up "LIST

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"In Poland, as the example of parents from Białogard shows, one can take away parents' parental rights in four hours. That's enough for the lazy and inept state apparatus to organize forces to fight on a daily basis. Ten times more is not enough to solve the problem of hunger, poverty or neglect of the youngest citizens of the country. However, when parents of young children have doubts (it does not matter whether it is right or not), they are punished for asking questions and for caring for their own child. A court judgment indicates a place in the corner. It's unthinkable!

It's a signal for all of us. Who until now believed that children are parents is wrong. Children in Poland are state-owned. And I say it firmly NO.

Before a newborn learns to suck well, it is taken from his mother to give him a bath. Although in other European countries this has not been done for a long time. In the west, skin-to-skin contact is treated as sacred, everyone knows that fetal ointment protects against infections and such common skin problems in infants. In Poland, this knowledge is secret, as the example of parents from Białogard shows - for many doctors the lack of washing a newborn baby after delivery means no consent for hygiene procedures!

A mother who does not want to agree to instillation of a gonorrhea protection agent is considered to be the one who endangers the child's health. Completely ignoring the fact that standard tests are performed for venereal diseases in future mothers. Thanks to them, it is possible to assess if there is a risk of infection of a child. If a woman has one partner and has a result indicating no disease, the risk of infection is negligible. Interestingly, the Crede procedure (eye drops to protect against gonorrhea) has not been performed in Germany for over 20 years!

Parents who have doubts about the current vaccination calendar punishes for thinking. Vaccination of newborns is not practiced in the West. Only in Poland and Bulgaria is vaccinated on the first day against hepatitis B, which we usually get infected during sexual intercourse and tattoos. And this vaccine is considered necessary for newborns. The institutions responsible for the vaccination calendar cannot reasonably answer why.

I am also shocked no vitamin K leaflet in Polish. So how can young parents make informed consent to a medical procedure if they can't check the basic information about it? And what right does it deprive them of giving vitamin K orally to a newborn if it's a good and risk-free way?

Where are these rapidly operating state organs, when a child is born disabled, when he is chronically ill, when parents do not have money for expensive treatment and ask non-governmental organizations for help? Where is the help for children who are starving in Poland? Where are these super fast institutions when children are abused and beaten for years?

In our beautiful country, as patients, we cannot doubt, ask questions, or decide about the health and lives of our own children. We are to do what we are punished, and when we have just doubts after analyzing the facts, we are deprived of the right to decide about the child's health. Quickly, quietly, treating you as a "stupid or difficult patient."

Unfortunately, such gestures do not serve anyone. They don't encourage children. They don't give young parents a sense of security that their rights will be respected. Regardless of your views, no one should be treated in the same way as parents from Białogard. Nobody deserves to run away from their own country, with fear in their eyes ... It doesn't matter whether you are pro or anti. The state apparatus must not be allowed to convince us that we are slaves.

I hope that the example of parents from Białogard will open our eyes and that eventually something will change in Poland .... Because when a child falls ill, the parent bears 100% time, emotional and financial costs of this situation. You usually wash your hands. "Marta


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