Promotions for children's products: cheaper shopping for parents

Promotions for children's products: cheaper shopping for parents

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The sum of all expenses that must be incurred in the first years of a child's life can make you feel dizzy. That is why we help to reduce them. See where you can buy cheaper diapers, hygiene products and toys this week.

Hygienic products

  • Tesco offers Pampers megapack midi 150 pieces at a price of 79.99 instead of 119.99; while Auchan stores offer Pampers diapers at a price of 43.99 different sizes, in addition Real offers Pampers diapers 112 pieces at a price of 69.95
  • Kaufland offers Pampers Sleel & Play diapers with different packaging for 24.99 while Polo-Market offers the same diapers for 28.99 packaging
  • In Carrefour Huggies diapers superdry mega for 58.99
  • At Super-Pharma two Pampers Premium Care diaper packs for 87.99 (with LifeStyle card)
  • Carrefour offers Cleanic 4-opal baby wipes for 15.99
  • Market Auchan, on the other hand, offers Pampers wet wipes 6-pack for the price of 21.99, where in Real supermarkets the offer of Pamper wipes is shown at 26.95 for 6 packs, while at Super-Pharma Pampers wet wipes pack 2 × 64 pieces for the price of 11 , 99
  • Huggies wet wipes for 22.95 for 6 packs at Kaufland supermarkets
  • Polo-Market, on the other hand, offers a pack of Pampers wet wipes for the price of 4.99
  • Perfect Mama products 20% cheaper at Super-Pharma


  • Market Tesco offers BoboVita 200g Flakes for 7.98 for two packs
  • Tesco's offer is Nestle 230g milk and rice porridge 4 packs at a price of 3 for 22.17 while the Auchan market offers BoboVita 230g milk and rice porridge at a price of 7.19; while Real stores offer BoboVita 230g milk and rice porridge for 7.99 (where the second product is 50% cheaper)
  • At Carrefour, baby milk with Nestle Junior 350g rice gruel for 15.99, Auchan supermarkets offer Bebilon Junior 860g milk for 38.79
  • Auchan 190g Gerber dinners offer 4.68 different types, while the Real market offers Gerber dishes at 5.49 (second second product 50% cheaper), at the same time 230g dishes, different types of Hipp offered at 4.89
  • In the Polo-Market network we will buy children's dishes of various types BoboVita, 2 packages for the price of 7.39
  • Real also offers a BoboVita 2 dessert package for 5.99


  • Tesco offer A doll in an Emmi baby carrier for 44.99 instead of 89.99
  • Market Tesco also offers a laptop for fun and learning at 55.49 instead of 110.99
  • In Auchan supermarkets a walker and unruly FISHER-PRICE balls for the price of 95.89
  • Playing the FISHER-PRICE puppy at the price of 79.89 at Auchan supermarkets, real offers the same toy at the price of 79.95
  • At the same time, the Auchan store offers "Play-Doh" + 4 tubes at the price of 69.95
  • A walker or stroller in Real stores at 99.00 instead of 149.00
  • FISHER-PRICE ball in Real for 84.95 (free cap)
  • Real Lego City and Hero factory sets at promotional prices
  • Educational laptops in Real by Artyk from 57.95 to 139.00


  • At Carrefour one-piece baby suit for 29.99 different sizes
  • Market Real offers children's ski pants size 92-164 for the price of 39.95
  • HelloKity baby bodysuits in Real at a price of 15.99

Promotion time

Tesco 08-14.11.2012
Tesco (toys) 31.10-21.11.2012
Carrefour 11/8/11/2012
Auchan 31.10-13.11.2012
Real 08-14.11.2012
Real (toys) 08-28.11.2012
Kaufland 08-14.11.2012
PoloMarket 08-13.11.2012
Super-Phrma 02-14.11.2012