Set, Go. We are bidding which mother will dress her child nicer

Set, Go. We are bidding which mother will dress her child nicer

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The weather in Poland usually doesn't spoil us. It is rather cold and windy for most of the year. The average Pole has clothing sets for all weather - for the winter, severe winter, light autumn, early spring, late spring, etc. Similarly, our children's wardrobe. And theoretically, we feel prepared for any situation, until the moment when the weather changes radically from day to day. Like yesterday. And the dilemmas begin: dress yourself and your child according to the season of the year, or maybe the weather? What to do not to overheat the child, and at the same time not undress as for a summer far away?

Finally we have spring ... or maybe summer?

After a long winter, it seems that spring has finally come, we have had nice weather for two days. Yesterday in Poland it was warmer than in Spain (!). So a real paradise, live not die, put faces to the sun ... spend time outdoors. Just like every year, it returns like a boomerang about overheated children and omniscient mothers who assess what other children look like. Of course, judgment is always sharp. Because why at 20 degrees children wear already mythical hats and down jackets?

This is the moment when a toddler dressed in a short sleeve and a baseball cap wanders side by side and a friend wrapped in a thick winter hat, large jacket and heavy boots ...

Do you know it Everyone knows it!

How to dress a child when spring is 20 degrees?

Just a few days ago we had frost ... during the day, at night down to minus 20 degrees. For several days, the weather is more like spring ... or maybe summer?

Yesterday in some places in the country it was over 20 degrees. It is often colder in summer. On the logic one should put on the child short shorts, possibly light leggings and short sleeves ... Because it was so warm ... However, most decided to keeping distance from the thermometer. And how in life decisions were different.

The children played in short sleeves, in sweatshirts, in jackets, in hats and without hats. In prams there were children dressed in the same body, others in down chanterelles, and others in transitional outerwear. There were plenty of babies under winter blankets and in thick overalls ... And such a cross-section in the case of children staying at the same temperature.

Does this mean that all parents letting children outside thicker clothes are irresponsible? Is every mother putting on a jacket at twenty degrees a "madka"? Do we have the right to assess the choices of other parents? Or maybe it's better not to enter the competition called, who lighter will dress a child, but keep moderation, distance and a critical look, with a large dose of empathy and understanding? After all, every mother is responsible for her child.

Why are some children dressed more thickly when it's really warm outside?

  • because they just want it, because they perceive a small wind as a gale and feel better in hats themselves,
  • because each of us perceives temperature differently,
  • because the first days with higher temperatures are treacherous in the opinion of many adults,
  • because spring, like the winter of road builders, surprised parents,
  • maybe because the parents didn't manage to buy lighter clothes,
  • because there is no lack of children who love their thicker blankets and will not sleep without them on a walk,
  • because for many parents a thin hat in April is not an exaggeration and they have the right to their opinion,
  • perhaps the child in the winter hat you pass has developmental disorders, is hypersensitive, has Asperger syndrome and requires clothes theoretically unsuitable for atmospheric conditions,
  • maybe the child is newly after otitis, and in the opinion of the parent / doctor the notorious cap is necessary (although the latest research suggests that one has nothing to do with each other),
  • because 20 degrees in April to 20 degrees in July is felt differently.

What do you think about this? We have the right to assess other parents, in our opinion, overheating a child?