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"Healthy nutrition and hygiene of a pregnant woman" Grażyna Tuchmacher

"Healthy nutrition and hygiene of a pregnant woman" Grażyna Tuchmacher

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Reading this book is a real pleasure. The content was chosen so that you have the impression of eating it with taste, which seems to be a good metaphor for the subject. Unfortunately, despite really a lot of interesting information, there are also those that in a way bother me.

A guide that is not there

The basic advantage of this book is gathering in one place all the necessary information about healthy nutrition of pregnant women. In addition to tips on the need for individual vitamins and minerals in pregnancy, you will find data on how to prepare meals, precautions, as well as interesting information about spices.

Simple menu

Many pregnant women do not feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time and cooking complicated dishes, which is why they are pleased and relieved to be able to prepare dishes quickly and painlessly. Here, the author is a big plus, who composes a lot of recipes, paying attention to the availability of ingredients and simplicity in preparing dishes. The recipes will be helpful especially for those who are not experienced in the kitchen and are looking for proven, simple recipes. Rather, I do not recommend them to people who consider cooking as their passion.

Now doubts

At the very beginning I admit: I am not a food technologist, dietitian, or a person who can compete with experts in this field, but like almost every mother I read something about nutrition during pregnancy.
There are well-known reservations not to eat blue cheeses as well as feta cheeses on which listeria bacteria can grow that are dangerous to the fetus. Probably most women, despite eating feta cheeses, will not adversely affect their child in this way, but the increased risk should be worrying. Therefore, I do not quite understand why the book contains recipes:

  • Brittle lettuce with feta cheese (p. 82)
  • Salad with tomato and feta cheese (p. 87)
  • Cheese board (among others, one of the recommended species of brie) (p. 185)

In addition, it is not recommended to eat cold smoked fish during pregnancy. Meanwhile, in the recipes proposal we will find:

  • Eggs with salmon (4 slices of smoked salmon, cold) p. 111

These reservations make me have mixed feelings about this publication. It is rich in a lot of interesting information (especially the extensive substantive introduction deserves recognition), however, pointing to quite, say, controversial ingredients in the regulations raises my reservations.

Thank you to the Impuls publishing house for sharing a copy of the review book.

Dear readers, we have two copies of the book to win. Write in the comment which dish you liked the most during pregnancy. We will reward the two most interesting answers. The competition runs from November 20 to November 27, 2012. Winners will be selected by December 4, 2012. You can leave any number of comments, but remember to provide a valid e-mail address that will allow us to contact the winners of the competition.