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A cake for a two year old

A cake for a two year old

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It is not true that only the first birthday of our child should be special. It is worth making every effort to ensure that the holiday of a young man is remembered for a long time. However, before you start planning the ceremony, think about what cake you will treat the birthday boy and his guests with.

For the annual baby, the biggest attraction will certainly be a candle, traditional in the shape of a number, or a fountain of sparks, which will provide a spectacular view. A birthday cake for a two-year-old may be a problem. Such a toddler certainly already has favorites heroes he would like to see on his cake. While the Tomek locomotive or ponies from My Little Pony may turn out to be too complicated for a busy and unprofessional mother baking, Pepa Pig or Misia Uszatka is not really difficult to prepare.

Before you create a home-made cake, keep in mind a few important things:

  • Carefully read the recipe you intend to use. Get to know all the stages of baking preparation to save the right amount of time for making the dough.
  • Look at your home inventory, confront it with a list of necessary purchases. Check if the stored baking powder, vanilla sugar or cream powder have an expiry date.
  • Take care of the right decorations. It would be best for small gourmets if you used fresh fruit (grapes, strawberries, pieces of peaches, kiwi) for this purpose. However, considering this special day, sometimes it is worth turning a blind eye and serving the treats beloved by the birthday boy. Lentinki, nut-free dragees and colorful andruts will work in this role. Marzipan figurines also look interesting. You can always use ready-made sugar markers, which are perfect for drawing shapes and creating inscriptions. The main thing is that any decorations that will be on the cake can be consumed.
  • Do not soak the sponge cake with alcohol and coffee. Delicate tea, apple juice will replace them successfully.
  • Remember that birthday baking is a gift for a birthday boy and he will want to try it. Therefore, before using ready-made masses or creams, check if they are suitable for consumption for the baby. You will have to give up the above additions if your child is on a dairy and gluten free diet.
  • Even if you do not have outstanding culinary skills, the important thing is that you want to prepare the most important "dish" on your child's birthday.

Below is a recipe for a pig-shaped cake that I baked for my daughter. If you give up pink and turn the pointed ears into round ones, the cake may resemble a teddy bear or a cat.

To prepare the baking you need two sponge cakes - light and chocolate. For one cake you will need:
- 5 eggs
- 3/4 cup sugar
- 3/4 cup wheat flour
- 1/4 cup potato flour
- a few tablespoons of cocoa (only for dark sponge cake)

Set the oven to 170 degrees. Separate the proteins from the yolks. Beat the stiff foam from the whites to which you add one yolk, cocoa. Carefully sprinkle both flours so as not to spoil the delicate fluff. Then pour the mass into a large cake tin and bake for 35 minutes. So that the finished sponge cake does not collapse inside and lose its impressive volume, after the required baking time, carefully remove the cake tin from the oven and throw it from the bottom down from a height of approx. 50cm on a hard surface. Do the same with the second album.

Cut both biscuits in half. You will use two dark and one light disk for pig's head. Cut the nose and ears of mumps from the rest.

Sweet masses

And- chocolate-nutty
II- cream with mascarpone cheese
- 330ml 30% cream
- 250ml mascarpone cheese
- 3 tablespoons of sugar

The middle of my daughter's birthday cake contained all sweets banned every day. He liked the girl and the guests all the more.

Soaked the bottom of the cake with cereal, bitter coffee. Then I smeared it with Nutella (you can also use any chocolate-nut mass). Then I treated the next disc with coffee and pressed it to the previous layer. I refined this one, whipped cream with mascarpone cheese and added sugar. I put a dry disc on top.

I cut out the pig's ears and nose from the last disc. Each of the elements was translated in the manner previously described with chocolate-nut and cream with cheese. Then, using the remnants of Nutella, I attached the piglet's attributes to his head.
Finishing the cake
- 2 Oetker raspberry masses
- 2 mascarpone cheeses
- colored sugar markers
- 2 grape balls

First, I combined mascarpone cheese with powdered mass. I covered the animal's head with a pink layer. Then I squeezed decorative stars with a confectionery syringe. On raspberry cream I drew with edible markers a smiley face and eyes. Dark grapes served as holes in my nose. The cake cooled in the fridge overnight, so that its individual layers had a chance to "bite".

I assume that even a perfect-looking baking, for which we will pay a large sum in a pastry shop, will not appeal to our child, just like a homemade cake. Believe me, the satisfaction of self-made cake is priceless. Additionally, you can ask a little birthday boy for help. You will let him feel the festive mood.
You can opt out of ready-made masses and put the biscuit rings in with homemade jam or preserves. Surely, guests will appreciate the cake variation on the theme of apple pie, if you cover the top of the cake with pieces of roasted apple with a little cinnamon.
Bon Appetit!