What can you do for your daughter today?

What can you do for your daughter today?

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Raising children is very difficult. Beautiful theoretical principles often have nothing to do with reality, because the child sooner or later faces a world in which violent rules prevail. The daughter leaves the house where you read books and only once a day watched TV and enters the school, where every second friend a few hours a day plays on the computer and treats girls with "ugly clothes" in advance. The rules of not beating others don't stand up to aggressive students who don't listen to the ladies at school but understand the argument of strength. When he is committed to them, they do not attack a second time, but look for "weaker victims", those who have not been taught to defend themselves. Whether we like it or not, school or kindergarten are verifying our educational methods. Hence, maybe less popular but more vital advice below. Is it worth using them?

  1. Read the story of Maria Skłodowska-Curie to your daughter and tell her that she does not have to have puffed up lips and extensive black eyebrows for others to see her.
  2. If your daughter wants a car kit and track, buy her for the nearest occasion. Forget about "it's not for girls" comments.
  3. Say that if a classmate pats her ass and pulls her braid, she shouldn't be afraid to protest loudly. Don't let her vigilant tales tell the boys that they just have it.
  4. Teach your daughter to say no, even to so-called authorities. Say he doesn't have to agree on everything. If he feels he doesn't want to, he should say it.
  5. Say that just crying doesn't mean she's hysterical. Crying clears, allows you to find strength in yourself. Doesn't make us weaker.
  6. Teach respect for others. Accepting that everyone is one of a kind.
  7. Say that if a second adult person says to her: "just don't tell mom / dad" - the first thing she should do is necessarily share information with the parent.
  8. Show her how to be silent and listen to others. Teach empathy and sensitivity to the needs of others, including your own.
  9. Teach that words can hurt as much as beating.
  10. Show your daughter that she does not have to go high and feel "better than others" to have self-esteem. People who have achieved real success in life do not put other logs, but shake hands.
  11. Say it doesn't have to be the best in everything. Help her find a passion, discover what she is good at and enable her to do what she really loves.
  12. Show that money is important in life, but not the most important thing. We will not buy real values ​​for any money.
  13. Teach that you don't have to hide behind designer clothes, super toys and great gadgets to feel important and deserving of attention.
  14. Teach your daughter that she doesn't have to be nice, quiet and kind in every situation. If someone hurts her, ask for help from a loved one. He must learn to react to aggressive behavior in an assertive way. She should not justify them in principle or descend to the level of an adversary. Nor can he pretend that nothing is happening. Keeping silent or treating vulgar accents with a nice smile only incites aggression.
  15. Emphasize that no matter what happens, it can come to you and say that there is no topic you can't talk about.