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What to do so that vegetables do not lose their nutritional value?

What to do so that vegetables do not lose their nutritional value?

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Our knowledge about nutrition is increasing. We pay attention to what we buy, the composition of the food, whether it contains dyes or preservatives. We know more and more about what products provide which nutrients. All this is important, but no less important is how we handle purchased products so that they do not lose their nutritional value.

The most sensitive to external influences are vitamin. Their source is vegetables and fruits. Light, temperature, treatment method have a direct impact on the durability of vitamins.

The most common causes of loss of these micronutrients are:

  • long cooking

High temperature affects the loss of vitamins, in this process they are oxidized. When we want to keep as many vitamins as possible, let's cook as short as possible.

  • boiling in too much water

Vitamins from vegetables are washed away and often water has more than vegetables cooked in it. Do not feed the kitchen sink, use the water from cooking vegetables whole.

  • stocking

Vitamins in products stored for a long time are lost regardless of how they are stored. It is best to buy vegetables on a regular basis from farmers at the market. It is more likely that these vegetables were still in the field the previous day.

  • soaking vegetables instead of washing under running water

The method of washing is not without significance. Vitamin C is soluble in water and soaking vegetables causes leaching of this vitamin from the product. You will avoid this by washing vegetables under running water.

  • chopping vegetables for cooking

You will keep more vitamins when you cut them only after cooking. If you need to cut, try to make the pieces as large as possible - this means less loss.

  • throwing vegetables into a pan with cold water

When cooking vegetables, after throwing them wait for the water to boil - then you lose much less vitamins.

Steaming is the best way to cook vegetables to keep the most vitamins. You don't need to have devices for which you may not have space in the kitchen. All you need is a steam attachment. Good luck and bon appetit!