How and when to stop bottle feeding your baby

How and when to stop bottle feeding your baby

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Much has been said and written about weaning, however not so much is heard about how to remove the bottle from the little ones.

The American Pediatric Association recommends removing the bottle from healthy children around 15 months, although surely in your environment you still see children, or your own children, continue to take a bottle beyond that age.

There are several reasons given by doctors:

- Increases the risk of childhood obesity and in adulthood.

- Cavities: since the milk with its sugars (adding the cereals) remains a long time in the child's mouth. Some even continue to use the nipple to fall asleep, so they do not wash their mouth and teeth afterwards.

- Anemia: it is thought that the excessive consumption of milk makes the diet not so varied, which could lead to an iron deficiency.

For all those parents who are passive users of the bottle, it is very likely that the withdrawal of it seems like science fiction. Because it really is very comfortable, especially when the baby begins to hold the container by himself, and you ensure an adequate milk intake.

The ideal is to start the transition at around 8-9 months, but we can do it when we think that our little one is ready, we will always do it gradually so that it is not very traumatic. Think that it can last from days, weeks to months, it all depends on the "hook or addiction" that our baby has:

- Always offers the alternative to the bottle in all intakes of water: cup or glass.

- Do not use a bottle as a method to calm him down, if he needs to calm down, offer to drink in small sips from the glass or cup. The best is the lap of mom or dad.

- I usually advise start with the nap bottle, the one we give him after eating. We offer him the dairy in the cup or glass, and then to take a nap.

- When we have surpassed it (the time that our little one needs), then we started with breakfast. At first he may leave everything lost, the idea is that he will have breakfast alone, be patient. It also calculates that you will need a little more time to be ready, we went from the comfort of the bottle (5-10 minutes, without stains) to full-blown breakfast, so you may need to plan your mornings with a little more time.

- Do not let him go to bed with a bottle. This is usually the most difficult to eliminate, since it is very comforting for most, and they need it to fall asleep. You can try using a transition object (a stuffed animal), staying with him until he falls asleep, accompanying him in the process.

- In the event that you have older siblings, it will surely be easier for you; since they love to imitate them, to feel as old as their brothers; with which you have a long way to go.

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