How to encourage children's interest in learning

How to encourage children's interest in learning

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That children show interest in learning is one of the issues that parents worry about in their day to day life. It seems that this interest must be something innate, automatic and almost instinctive, but no, and motivation here plays a fundamental role, motivation but also emotion is essential for the child's interest to be awakened. That children get excited about what they do, that it awakens feelings is essential so that they want to learn more and more.

When we speak of "awakening interest in learning" we must not only think about school and school learning, where the role of the teacher is essential for children to want to learn mathematics, language or science, but we have to think that outside the school is also learned and what we parents can do to arouse curiosity in our children.

- We can carry out activities with children so that they learn to learn in other environments. Interactive visits to museums, exhibitions, science fairs. If we want children to enjoy learning, we have to facilitate it as adults. If I learn and enjoy, they can too!

- If the activity has liked and amused the child, he probably wants to know more about it, will look for information, or he will ask us about what we have gone to see.

- It is important to start from the interest of children and look for age-appropriate activities for each child. Involving them in the activities they will attend is important as well they can also decide what they would really like to do and they can discover their passions and develop their interests.

- But it's not just about visiting museums. Time at home and Family activities are good allies for children to learn. We can cook as a family, and they will not only have fun and participate in preparing and preparing a delicious snack or a delicious dinner. We can take advantage to work on some lessons, such as weight or quantities and even the water cycle.

- Another idea is to propose some fun and educational extracurricular activity. Classes of English crafts, robotics, tech camps, cooking for children, are some options we have for children to learn.

Something fundamental and that we should not forget, is that while having fun they also learn, and that in order for them to be interested in something, they must have time to experiment, try and decide. We must try to make them have time for them, and for something more than doing homework and studying, even if it is difficult ... since knowledge is not only in textbooks.

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