Teachers warn: our children access adult content

Teachers warn: our children access adult content

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In many schools, communications or notices are being sent to parents so that we monitor the content that children access on the Internet.

And it is that, often, we think that our son is playing car races on the tablet, but in reality, he is watching the latest fashionable youtuber, he is following the violent games of that famous gamer or he is killing zombies online with other companions. But, How is it possible that the teachers alert us to this? Are we not controlling the content that children see on the Internet?

It is a constant in many schools: children carry mobiles at ages when they should be playing hide-and-seek, they talk to each other about the latest league of the youtuber on duty or they know the whole string of curse words in the dictionary because they are used by the gamers they follow . They are children between 7 and 12 years old who should be more concerned about other types of games. The reading I get from this is twofold:

- If it is at home where children have access to the Internet, why are the teachers who alert about its misuse?

- Are we raising children dependent on new technologies? Aren't there other ways to spend free time?

Parents use new technologies in many cases such as digital babysitters. It helps us to have time to put a washing machine, prepare dinner, make a call, take a shower or the thousand and one tasks that we have to do at home.

Television is no longer useful for our children, they need to access the Internet because their classmates do it and they have to be up to date with the latest, and we give them pleasure.

However, what in many cases we do not do is filter the content they see, know what pages they are on or control the time they spend with digital devices. But, heThe teachers listen to the conversations they have at recess, they are up to date on the games they play and they listen to the vocabulary they use in the yard and not at home. They know better than we do what our children see on the Internet.

This lack of attention of ours has consequences on the child, perhaps you are already seeing them:

- Sleep disturbance: They may even have nightmares and night terrors because their brain is not ready to process what information.

- Aggressive behaviors: if they access violent content, they will assume this type of behavior as normal, children imitate everything.

- Lack of concentration: the improper and excessive use of new technologies produces a lack of attention and memory in children.

- addiction: studies already warn, addiction to mobile devices is becoming more frequent in childhood.

New technologies can be an aid in learning, we cannot turn our backs on them, but neither can we reduce the danger they may have.

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