When baby drives you crazy

When baby drives you crazy

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All parents, and especially mothers, dream of having one of those babies who sleep every night, take the breast or bottle without difficulty and, of course, cry little.

But the reality is that, in many cases, this ideal baby has nothing to do with the real baby that ends up in our arms and we find ourselves with a baby who cries continuously because of the dreaded colic of the infant, or we have a small one in high demand and difficult temperament. In other cases, it may be postpartum sadness or depression that it prevents us from enjoying our baby as we had idealized.

Whatever the case, the constant cries, demands and demands of that little baby It can end up unnerving even the most loving and caring mom if she doesn't get the right help and support.

Although it is normal to feel tired and exhausted during the first months, we should not reach the limit before asking for help if we see that we cannot take it anymore and our baby begins to get more nervous than we can tolerate.

So when you observe for the first time that the baby makes you unhinged, do not let more time pass and keep these recommendations in mind.

- Consult your doctor to assess your general health. Hormonal changes, interrupted sleep, and the wear and tear of breastfeeding can cause serious problems with irritability and other emotional imbalances.

- Ask for help when needed. Feel free to call your closest family members or friends for help in raising your baby.

- Delegate the care of your older children when necessary. Don't be in a hurry to call your mother, mother-in-law, or siblings (if you have them) to help you and stay with your children for short periods of time when you can take care of yourself.

- Lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, exercise, and try to follow a regular sleep and eating routine. Take advantage of your baby's naps to rest.

- Respect your limits. Learn to say "no."

- Lower expectations. Remember that each child is unique and special, each with their own characteristics. Your child is wonderful even if he does not sleep as much as you would like, he cries more often than other mothers explain and he feeds at his own pace and not at what they advise you.

- Forget guidelines that don't work to calm your baby, do not force yourself to follow methods that are not in accordance with your way of being or understanding motherhood.

- Reconcile with yourself. You are the best mother your child can have but he needs you to feel good physically and mentally. Take care and ask for help!

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