5 mistakes made by parents when it comes to bullying

5 mistakes made by parents when it comes to bullying

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Bullying is a very serious issue that can affect your child more than you think. Any child can be a victim of bullying. It doesn't have to be special. Suddenly another child decides that he will be the target of his teasing. And school, that place that was once safe and friendly, becomes a real nightmare for him.

The action of teachers and parents in a case of bullying is decisive. Not only the speed with which it acts, but how to act. Some parents tend to downplay their child's complaints. And they start to make a series of unforgivable mistakes. We say what they are.

Clichés, the most archaic upbringing and a series of chain mistakes can be terrible for your child. We tell you what are the 5 big mistakes parents can make when faced with bullying:

1. Thinking that 'that's a kid thing'.

2. Believing that this only happens to 'weird' children. 'They will have done something to make someone else bother him so much.'

3. Thinking that this is never going to happen to my son without my knowing it. 'I would be the first to know. I know him better than anyone. '

4. 'What have they insulted you? Don't be a snitch and hold on '.

5. Say to your child: 'Never get in the trouble of others. It's not your problem, and in the end, it splashes you. '

1. When there is a dominant and dominated relationship and there is also a victim who suffers constant mental abuse, when a child suffers from the repeated acts of others, it is harassment. And no, it is not for children. No violent act is.

2. The victim of bullying it can be any child. You may or may not get good grades. Whether he wears glasses or not. Whether you are obese or not. Whether he is wearing jeans or not.

3. Most parents whose child is bullied are slow to realize it. The child who is bullied often feels ashamed and hides what is happening to him. He is also afraid and is not able to tell what happens to anyone.

4. Sneak is the one who tells secrets with the intention of causing harm to third parties. Whoever is capable of reporting harm or an act of aggression (physical or psychological) does the right thing.

5. A classmate's problem is also your problem. It is everyone's problem.

It is calculated that one in 3 school-age children may be bullied. The sooner we learn to act, the sooner we will be able to stop this situation.

Source consulted: Psychology study 'Help you'.

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