How to deal with lack of sleep the first few years of parenting

How to deal with lack of sleep the first few years of parenting

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Among the problems that affect us when it comes to raising, without a doubt the Lack of sleep it is one of the most complex. Although not all babies and children are the same and the tolerance to fatigue of adults is also different, there is a reality and it is that having young children is exhausting, and especially, if parenting and home care activities are add work outside the home.

In a note that appeared in "Fatherly" they mentioned some advice from the American sailor John McGuire who, because of his work, has had to spend several weeks without sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours a night. We take some of their tips and we incorporate others, to help you be more bearable at this stage.

1. Take care of yourself as much as possible.

It is impossible to breed well if we are absolutely exhausted and without strength. Therefore, we must look for opportunities to sleep. Young babies usually sleep a lot, but parents want to take advantage of the time they sleep to do other things. Error. If we can get them to sleep, let's try to sleep too. Everything else can wait. These stages of life so important for development, they and us should be the priority.

2. Do activities that are good for the body and mind.

As tired as we are, we need to relax a bit and thus regain our strength. Walking even 30 minutes a day recharges us with energy. When children are small and we can take them in the stroller it is ideal, but if they are older and can no longer go out, it is convenient to leave them in the care of the other parent or grandparents or neighbors and take that little bit of activity and relaxation.

3. Don't try to be a hero.

What the family needs is energetic parents. Being without sleep will only turn us into zombies without common sense or the ability to analyze different daily situations. If we cannot sleep a whole night, we should try to take small breaks during the day, even if they are 20 minute naps that help the body to recover minimally. That is better than nothing. So even little by little, you have to take those little breaks.

4. Know your own limits.

There are things we literally cannot do if we are exhausted. Driving is one of them, because we put our lives and our children's lives at risk. If for some reason we don't sleep all night, but we still have to pick up the children from school, it is better to do it by taxi or bus. In addition, excessive tiredness makes the immune system not work properly and we are more likely to get sick. When we are reaching our limit, let's ask for help.

5. Team Raising.

That is why the fifth point has to do with asking for help. If we are lucky enough to be in a couple, we must know that there are times when one must attend to the boys so that the other can sleep. If for some reason we find ourselves alone, ask for help from grandparents, uncles, friends, nephews. Sometimes we have people close to us who would be happy to lend a hand, but it doesn't even occur to us to ask. No one can guess our needs. Let's learn to detect and verbalize them. A helping time in the week can do a lot for an exhausted body and mind.

And finally, know that this stage will not last forever. When the children grow up we will have enough time to sleep and we will miss those days when they were babies or half-tongue children who kept saying Mom and Dad every moment. Courage, you can!

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