Giraffe makeup for kids

Giraffe makeup for kids

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If your child likes to dress up, either by Carnival, Halloween, birthday party or any other celebration, in We offer you a very original idea so you can create a giraffe costume.

We explain step by step how to create a giraffe makeup step by step very easily. Remember that you have to use hypoallergenic paint and clean your face very well when finished.

  • Makeup sponge
  • Yellow paint
  • Orange paint
  • Black print
  • Brown paint

1. We start with the sponge to spread the orange paint on the part of the eyebrows and nose.

2. With yellow paint we paint the eyelids and cheeks.

3. We paint the details in brown with a brush: spots, horns and lips.

4. We draw some black hairs.

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