Can Pets Detect Pregnancy?

Can Pets Detect Pregnancy?

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The animals they have a sixth sense that many times we cannot understand. Thousands of testimonials from future moms assure that their pets have somehow revealed to them that they were pregnant before the medical test itself.

Some women report that their pets become more affectionate than normal, that they do not detach from them and that they constantly come to smell their belly; or on the contrary they become surly and distant, avoiding contact. If you notice these changes in your pet, then you should question whether to take a pregnancy test because you may be in for a surprise.

And, although there are no scientific studies to support it, it seems that this is indeed the case, pets, such as dogs and cats, are capable of detecting pregnancy, just as they are capable of predicting an earthquake, storm or climate change.

Some even go much further and claim that there is numerous evidence in which animal behaviors have detected diseases in humans, warning about the possibility of suffering a heart attack, a stroke and even cancer.

The truth is that our animal friends have certain innate qualities that we are not capable of detecting. Their behaviors vary due to any changes that may seem imperceptible to us, but are evident to them. It is believed that this intuition may be due to his high olfactory sensitivity, especially in dogs, which can be a million times greater than that of humans, and therefore could be able to detect the hormonal changes produced by the pheromones of pregnancy. But if this is not enough proof, they also have a excellent hearing with which they could get to hear the baby's heart.

In the case of cats, it may seem more complicated, however there is also evidence of abrupt changes in behavior with their owners. And there are even some owners who tell how their farm animals, such as pigs and chickens, acted differently when they were pregnant.

What is clear is that our animals clearly intuit that some change is going to take place, although they do not know exactly what it is about. So, take advantage of their pampering, because later they will be a bit relegated by the nine kings of the house.

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