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Naturals Kids Avon bath paint

Naturals Kids Avon bath paint

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The manufacturer of well-known cosmetics Avon has prepared several suggestions for older children. Among them is Naturals Kids bath paint. Unfortunately, total misfire.

In the description about the manufacturer, we can read that the cosmetic:

  • smells beautiful with fruit,
  • is washable,
  • is intended for playing in the bath.

So much in theory. In practice, the useless product:

  • the ball used in the cosmetic to help spread the paint gets stuck,
  • a wet child has a problem operating the product,
  • the paint only deals with dry skin,
  • during bathing, the paint does not fulfill its task, it does not leave a proper trace on the skin.
  • the color is indistinct, faded,
  • the paint does not even foam, hence it is useless at this level,
  • the fragrance is very delicate - that's why this feature is not convincing to buy.

To sum up: the product does not meet expectations completely. It is useless. The manufacturer emphasizes that it is to be used for bathing, but unfortunately its application to wet skin brings only disappointment. Waste of money! KIT by capital K!