Episiotomy and its discomfort after childbirth

Episiotomy and its discomfort after childbirth

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If you are going to give birth soon, I will describe some of the inconveniences that an episiotomy brings. From the first moments, after delivery, we will feel a lot pain when it comes to having to sit or sit up because of the stitches, in addition to a numbness in the area. This discomfort, which we did not have, will hinder the first affective bonds and the care that our baby demands of us.

The simple act of sitting down to eat, breastfeeding our child in the correct position or defecating can be a real ordeal. To alleviate the effects and consequences of an episiotomy, always on medical advice, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby, you can take some analgesic for the pain or put some glycerin suppository to soften the stool, which surely in most hospitals have it as a rule.

On the other hand, the care and hygiene of this delicate area and difficult to see will make us dependent on third parties: nurse, partner, mother or family member. Its healing usually lasts approximately 10 days, in which a possible infection or detachment of the stitches should be avoided. Cleaning and disinfection, therefore, must be daily; normally in maternity wards they usually use some antiseptic mixed with cold water. The nurses, before you are discharged, will give you the appropriate recommendations for your care. It is necessary to keep the area as clean and dry as possible.

Sometimes the worst are the discomfort that can persist for months and the fears when it comes to resuming sex. There are women who they still feel pain and they feel very emotionally affected, thinking that perhaps sex will never be the same as before having their child.

For this alone, if you have the opportunity to give your opinion, I advise you to convey to the midwife your wishes not to have an episiotomy, unless it is necessary, especially if it is your second or third Birth. Your recovery will be much easier and you will have the possibility of living with more fullness and strength the first weeks of life together with your new offspring.

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