What to give to 1 and 2 year old babies for Christmas

What to give to 1 and 2 year old babies for Christmas

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The Christmas It is the best time of year to do your best with gifts. It is the most magical time of the year to think about what to give to loved ones and how to get gifts right. Children are the main protagonists of Christmas, and gifts are designed especially for them. But what to give to babies between one and two years at Christmas? In We find a way to get the gifts for the youngest children right this Christmas.

- Stimulating toys. Stimulation is very important for children. From your body, through your sight, smell, hearing and even taste, all the senses are alert to learn. Christmas is the perfect time to give toys to one and two-year-old babies and so they put all their interest in having the most stimulating products at their fingertips, their ears or their eyes. Toys that they can touch, squeeze, with which they can dance or hum, as well as stimulate their own psychomotor skills is most beneficial and a great Christmas idea. Examples: musical instruments, dolls that make noises, rattles, etc.

- Transportable toys. A stroller that crawls, a motorcycle that works with pedals, a bike adapted to its small size ... transportable toys are also a good idea to give to babies between one or two years old, because in addition to helping their movement and motor skills They will also make them have fun. They are also stimulating toys, especially for babies who are beginning to stand and take their first steps.

- Clothing. Although it is not something that they are going to enjoy in the first person, it must be recognized that baby clothes are a very practical gift for children between one or two years old. From coats for low temperatures, to ideal accessories for Christmas such as hats or gloves, perhaps good shoes, or a nice suit for the holidays, all items are welcome.

- Stories. Children like to have their moms and dads read stories to them, but they also love to enjoy those special baby books they can touch, turn cardboard pages, and interact with the decorations that are included. In this way, in addition to enjoying listening to family readings, they will also be able to touch them. There are plastic books for bath time, and lighter fabric books for the little ones.

- Accessories. But if babies between one and two years love something, it's having all kinds of ornaments nearby to enjoy their textures. From stuffed animals, soft blankets to cubes or even teethers. Babies who are beginning to be children adore anything that allows them to stimulate their senses, especially sight and touch. There are cushions with lights, that make noises ... babies love them.

Important: Toys are important stimulation tools, but remember that playing with baby is the best gift for him. our site invites you to #ConectaConTuHijo.

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