When the child's birthday coincides with Christmas

When the child's birthday coincides with Christmas

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When the child's birthday coincides with the Christmas holidays What should be done? Celebrate the birthday apart? Do not? And the gifts, all mixed up?

It is inevitable that the dilemma of what to do appears, whether or not to celebrate the birthday, it should be mixed or not with the holidays and traditions and allow that special day for any child to be tarnished by all the Christmas montages and preparations ... family will have its own rituals and traditions what should always prevail is that the child is the true protagonist of that day.

Gifts for Santa Claus, Kings and birthdays or just birthday gifts? The children look forward to and live the arrival of Christmas and with it all the gifts they have asked for in their letters, but they also live with the same yearning for their birthday. It is something that we must not forget when the dates coincide.

What should we do when the dates coincide? The best is act with common sense. Children deserve to be children while they are keeping alive their illusions and fantasies, those deposited with the Magi but also those they expect from their loved ones. Therefore we will try to differentiate between what is magical from what is real, making it very clear which gifts are ours and which ones belong to the Three Wise Men or those that Santa Claus has brought during Christmas night.

With this perspective in mind you must continue to have common sense regarding the amount of gifts they will receive. We know that children who receive an exaggerated amount of gifts during these dates are overwhelmed, and this prevents them from really understanding the value of the gifts and they do not know which one to turn to. They get nervous, they get upset but they don't play. They are not excited or excited about that toy they have wanted so much. They get caught up in the consumer maelstrom and gobble up brightly colored packages containing more and more toys. But they don't play with any of them because they go from one to another without knowing where to turn specifically.

Knowing this we must act accordingly. Gifts yes, but the right and necessary amount, it should always be less than 10 toys. Gifts yes, but better few and well chosen, among them there should always be a book, an educational toy and something that they have asked with the utmost enthusiasm, but not all of the endless list that usually in their letters to the Magi and Santa Claus. And ours, those of the birthday, should not be the ones that appear in the letter unless we can give a very well thought out answer so as not to break the magic.

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