Diagnosis and treatment of toxoplasmosis

Diagnosis and treatment of toxoplasmosis

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Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a parasite, the toxoplasma gondii, which has symptoms similar to those caused by a common cold. Therefore, it is very difficult for a woman to realize that she has contracted the disease.

However, a simple blood test can detect whether your body has made antibodies to the toxoplasmosis parasite prior to your pregnancy.

When the results of the analysis confirm that the woman has not had toxoplasmosis at any time prior to her gestation and, in its development, it is shown that the infection is active, it is recommended that the pregnant woman receive urgent treatment with antibiotics. This treatment is very important, especially in the event that it is shown that the fetus is not yet infected to avoid possible risks to your baby and reduce the chances of it being infected in the next few hours, since this disease is transmitted through the blood and can cross the placental barrier.

If, on the contrary, the fetus is suspected to be infected, the first treatment of choice is, through the mother, using substances to reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms in the fetus. Time, in this case, is a deciding factor. The earlier the mother receives treatment, the less likely the baby is to be affected by the disease.

Scientific research to try to develop more effective methods for diagnosing and treating the disease during pregnancy, as a way to prevent infections in the fetus, continues. Babies infected in the womb must continue to be treated with medications throughout their first year of life and even longer.

A study found that approximately 75 percent of infected babies who had received timely treatment had normal intelligence and none of them had developed hearing loss. Most infected babies, who have no symptoms at birth, are not treated, as the disease is not diagnosed until they develop an eye infection or other problems, sometimes months and even years after birth. Taking into account that early treatment favors a good recovery, babies diagnosed in pregnancy should undergo postnatal tests to improve their condition and facilitate their recovery.

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