The 10 most surprising curiosities of pregnancy

The 10 most surprising curiosities of pregnancy

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About pregnancy there is so much and so varied information available to pregnant women that you may think that you know everything. However, in We tell you a series of curiosities and rarities that you may not know.

These are 10 curious pregnancy facts that will surprise you and leave you with your mouth open.

1- The contractions do not end with labor, for a few days later, the woman will feel the same pains or reflexes intermittently, they can even begin when the woman puts the baby to the breast.

2- Six weeks after fertilization, it can already be verified through an ultrasound, as baby's heart beats fast.

3- Babies in the womb are capable of performing such surprising actions as thumb sucking, yawning, hiccups, rolling over or dreaming.

4- During pregnancy hair usually looks better than ever: vigorous, with volume, strength and a lot of shine. However, weeks after delivery you may lose this splendor and begin to sag.

5- The sense of smell is especially developed, smells are perceived much more intensely than in other stages, in such a way that many pregnant women do not even accept perfume well.

6- The feet can grow. Relaxin, a hormone that makes it easier for the baby to pass during labor, also affects the ligaments of the foot and as a result, 7 out of 10 women see their feet get longer during pregnancy.

7- Nausea can determine the sex of the baby: some studies have collected a curious result that says that women who suffer from intense nausea in pregnancy have girls.

8- Colostrum may appear already during pregnancy, that is, the breasts can begin to generate a yellowish discharge before the baby is born.

9- A woman can become pregnant when she is already a few weeks, it is known as superfetacion and although it is not very common it can happen.

10- Excessive stress on the mother during pregnancy or living a very intense experience can affect the baby's personality, which may have attention deficit, anxiety or be more restless.

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