Babies cry in different languages

Babies cry in different languages

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A baby of German parents does not cry like a baby of French parents. A baby's cry reflects aspects of the language its parents use. Scientists at the University of Wurzburg, Germany, learned to differentiate whether a newborn is French or German by the way they cry.

- French babies: Research reveals that three-day-old French babies, increase the intensity of crying progressively, going from a lower tone to a higher tone until reaching the end of the cry.

- German babies: German babies, on the contrary, they start crying out loud and with a high frequency, reducing the intensity and the lowest frequency at the end of the cry.

It is amazing what a baby can learn even in its mother's womb. The language your mother uses influences the type of cry your baby will present when it is born. Researchers say that the baby enjoys when his mother talks or sings to him, but that it is not necessary for pregnant women to do so to stimulate the child's learning. The baby will learn anyway, listening to what his mother says to others.

Other studies have shown that the fetus is able to perceive sounds from the outside world in the third trimester of gestation and is able to remember them. That is why when the baby is born it recognizes the voice of its mother and distinguishes it from other people. Crying is a form of communication for babies, their melodic profile reflects aspects of maternal language. What remains to be investigated is to what extent the exposure of the fetus to prenatal language influences the subsequent emotional or linguistic development of the baby.

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