Peceletras. Children's game to improve the letter

Peceletras. Children's game to improve the letter

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Writing good lyrics is not just a matter of aesthetics. It is important that the child strive to be a perfectionist and do things right.

If your child has trouble writing with good handwriting, maybe this game will come in handy. You will have fun and improve your penmanship along the way. Write down the rules and objectives of 'Peceletras'.

To play we will need:

- A bowl, bucket, box or container.

- Folios.

- Some medium-sized tweezers for children to 'fish' for peceletras and gain skill in the fingers of their hands.

- Colored cards to make the fish.

- Markers, pens or pencils.

- Bigger green and red (equal size) and blue star stickers.

The game consists of writing the words chosen by the children with the best possible handwriting, without a time limit and without spelling mistakes. It will always be supervised by a teacher or an adult.

1. We will some cardstock chips of about 3 cm maximum, shaped like fish we will call 'peceletras' and in them we will write all the letters of the alphabet, in uppercase and lowercase, in such a way that there will be for example a and A, c and C, b and B, etc.

2. We will put all the peceletras in the container of the letters.

3. The clamps will serve to 'fish' the fish from the container. (Although more complicated, it would be more fun for children if the fish were made of plastic and the container had water.)

4. We will explain that each child will be free to catch one or two peceletras, according to the stars he wants to win and what he wants to risk and, he will write the letter or letters that he has caught on his sheet, capital or small letter for everyone to see and then he will return it to the container leaving the tweezers to the next child so that the game continue. We will insist on the idea of ​​writing the words with good calligraphy and without mistakes, and not on the number of words that are written.

5. While the second boy is fishing for his fish, the first he will write in his notebook a word that begins with the chosen letter, all uppercase or lowercase

6. If you have chosen to fish two peceletras, the written word will have to contain both letters and they will write it as indicated by the first (upper or lower case)

- By writing a word taking a peceletra you will get a green star.

- By the mere fact of deciding to draw two peceletras at the beginning of the game (whatever letters come out), and write their word correctly, the child will obtain a red star (in addition to green)

- By writing a word with a tilde, you will get an extra green star (plus green for the word)

- By writing a word with the letters b, v, g, j, h, ll, y, x, two extra green stars (plus yours for the word). For example: Brew. In this case, since the word concoction has b and j, two green stars would be added for each one. If the child had also chosen to draw two peceletras, a red star would be added to it and it would be one of the highest scores achieved in the game.

- By writing a word with a tilde and that contains the letters b, v, g, j, h, ll, y, x, they will obtain four green stars, (one for the word, another for the accent and two more for containing the letters mentioned).

- There may be the special case in which the chosen word is with two peceletras, has the letters b, v, g, j, h, ll, y, x, also has an accent, in this case the child will have extraordinary award for which you will get a big blue star. For example: r and v revolver.

- When the round is over and the last children have caught their fish, it will be the moment when the first one teaches his word to the others. If you have good handwriting and do not have spelling mistakes, the child will receive their star or stars, depending on what you have risked during the game. To win the stars it is essential that the letter is legible and everyone else can read the word without difficulty.

- We can place less skilled children in the first places so that they have more time to write their words and are more relaxed, well, what we want to achieve is that they write with good calligraphy and don't make spelling mistakes, don't type a lot of hastily typed words that are illegible.

- In the event that many children participate we will make groups to make the game more active. In any case, once they have written their word, they can catch another fish and write a new word.

- We can ask them to write at least five words with which they can invent a phrase and write it on their sheet. For example:

The rascal entered the house and drank the concoction from the bottle on a table in the living room.

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