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Exercises during pregnancy and after delivery: you need to know!

Exercises during pregnancy and after delivery: you need to know!

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Pregnancy, if it is going well, is not the time to give up physical activity. Even if the expectant mother is busy adding weeks of pregnancy, reading in the development of the fetus, counting kilograms and centimeters, it is worth finding at least 30 minutes for a walk each day. In addition, physical activity well known before pregnancy will be indicated. Read about the most important rules for exercising during pregnancy.

Why is it worth exercising during pregnancy?

  • Exercise during pregnancy speeds up metabolism, which helps reduce the risk of obesity during pregnancy.
  • The risk of diabetes during pregnancy is reduced (muscles burn excess sugar quickly).
  • Increased muscle mass allows you to take care of the reserves needed for current fat burning.
  • Reducing physical activity in pregnancy can lead to a decrease in muscle mass.
  • Exercise in pregnancy is important in preparing the body for childcare (carrying, lifting and moving the child)

Remember: pregnancy is not the right time to take on new physical activities. Also, do not decide to increase the intensity of already known ways of movement.

Important tips for exercising during pregnancy

  • breathe regularly
  • do not hold your breath or strain it,
  • choose a comfortable outfit: especially elastic panties (not pressing the tummy) and a bra well suited to the shape of the bust, but not on it,
  • Drink a lot, also during exercise: thirst is a signal of dehydration, drink when you do not feel compelled to do so,
  • exercise with moderate intensity: do not allow shortness of breath, overheating, or a situation where you cannot talk normally,
  • do not exercise with an empty or full stomach. The best time is an hour or two after a meal.
  • avoid uncoordinated, rapid movements during exercise,
  • after the first trimester, do not exercise lying down on your back, or place a pillow under your right hip.
  • if you are breastfeeding: exercise after feeding.

How to exercise during pregnancy? Read!

What should bother you?

Exercises during pregnancy, if we follow the general rules, are safe and advisable. However, it is worth realizing what should bother us.

Consult your doctor immediately if you experience: