How much does a baby cost during its first year of life

How much does a baby cost during its first year of life

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The report of the Federation of Independent Consumers, FUCI, on the cost of the baby during its first month of life is surprising. This association estimates the newborn's expenditure around the 1,900 euros (2,500 dollars) just taking into account the basic elements that the baby needs. If we also add non-essential products such as intercoms, humidifier, breast pump ... the figure rises to 2,500 euros (3,300 dollars). Don't your hair stand on end?

Why does a newborn baby cost so much money? This is FUCI's monthly estimate:

Cot: between € 120 and € 517

Mattress: between € 35 and € 120

Stroller: between € 390 and € 931

Safety seat: between € 109 and € 288

Bathtub: between € 23 and € 109

High chairs: between € 64 and € 244

Hygiene products: € 26

Baby bottles: between € 10- and € 32

Milk: € 32

Clothes: € 260

Diapers / Wipes: € 86

Total: € 1,910

Many families receive gifts for the birth of the baby, which is a great savings. I was lucky and, with my first child, my family and my husband's family went out of their way and gave us almost all the essentials such as a cot, a stroller, a high chair and even intercoms. We lacked detail, we only deal with diapers and hygiene products. My second son inherited most of the products, so we didn't have to shell out that much money.

However, not all families are so lucky, and as Gustavo Samayoa, president of FUCI, explains, the situation of economic crisis is putting a burden on families and is an impediment when considering disdain, since "A baby costs three times the minimum wage."

The price of a baby product can double the price depending on the establishment where we buy or the services it has. Therefore, it is important to compare prices, without forgetting all the safety and comfort requirements for the baby. And, we will always have tricks like changing the bathtub for an adapter or using white marks.

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